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1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Finished
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Week 14: Dec 9 - Dec 14
3logo MOBSQUAD 281.00
Week 15: Dec 15 - Dec 21
1logo larry's Team 241.80
2logo Outlaws 204.10
3logo MOBSQUAD 229.00
5th Place Game
5logo Raiders4Life 150.00
Week 16: Dec 22 - Dec 28
1logo larry's Team 250.00
3logo MOBSQUAD 258.50
3rd Place Game
2logo Outlaws 189.70


Week 16
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Recent Transactions

Deshaun Watson Cle - QB

Amari Cooper Cle - WR Q

Traded to
Fania's Team Oct 18, 12:35 am logo

Derrick Henry Ten - RB

Traded to
MOBSQUAD Oct 18, 12:35 am logo

Dalvin Cook Min - RB

Traded to
MOBSQUAD Sep 25, 12:21 am logo

Kareem Hunt Cle - RB

Traded to
Fania's Team Sep 25, 12:21 am logo

Commish Updates

logo Commish Outlaws
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    Outlaws (A Yahoo User) APPLY INJURED STATUS FOR POSTPONED GAMES changed from 'No' to 'Yes'

    Nov 25 10:09 am
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    Outlaws (A Yahoo User) Draft Time changed from 'Sun Aug 30 4:00pm PDT' to 'Sun Aug 30 10:30am PDT'

    Aug 28 1:16 pm
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    Outlaws (A Yahoo User) Draft Time changed from '' to 'Sun Aug 30 4:00pm PDT'

    Aug 24 2:28 pm
  • logo

    Outlaws (A Yahoo User) Draft Type changed from 'Offline' to 'Live'

    Aug 24 2:28 pm

Best Draft

Best Draft is awarded to the team with the most projected season points based on weekly optimal starting lineups.