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OklahomIraqis League NFC

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League Members

Rank Manager Team Rating (+-) Level
1 --hidden-- logo Hard Targets 908 diamond level Diamond
2 --hidden-- logo Lucky Enuf 905 diamond level Diamond
3 --hidden-- logo Soonerjack 899 platinum level Platinum
4 --hidden-- logo DominationStation 880 platinum level Platinum
5 --hidden-- logo Arrogant Americans 861 platinum level Platinum
6 --hidden-- logo DARC NARC 859 platinum level Platinum
7 --hidden-- logo AMMODOG 790 gold level Gold
8 --hidden-- logo Dead Again 775 gold level Gold
9 --hidden-- logo Whackers 719 gold level Gold
10 --hidden-- logo Dirty Hippies 684 silver level Silver
11 --hidden-- logo Roughnecks 652 silver level Silver
12 --hidden-- logo The Dogs of War 589 bronze level Bronze
13 --hidden-- logo Hangovers 571 bronze level Bronze
14 --hidden-- logo Norman Nobodies 537 bronze level Bronze


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