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Despite a Formidable Set of WRs, The Dubot Army Isn't Anything to Get Excited About

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Look The Dubot Army, not everyone achieves the "above" in "above average," it has to be earned. Just be happy being an average GM, and maybe with a little hard work and a better draft next season, your team will reach that milestone. The Dubot Army didn't kill their playoff aspirations with this draft, but they'll have to do some extra work to get there. For now, they're projected to finish in eighth-place in NEXT FFL League at 6-7-0 (1,191 points). They went after the diva position early, using three of their first five selections on WRs Dez Bryant (first round), Brandon Marshall (second round), and Michael Crabtree (fifth round). This group will have to produce in order for The Dubot Army to have a good season, as they are the most prolific group of WRs in the league.

Ever wonder what exactly was inside the brief case in Pulp Fiction? The Dubot Army should use Week 9 to solve the mystery, since they certainly won't be winning. They have three players and the most projected fantasy points on bye that week. Looking at the entire season, they have a harder-than-average schedule. Although they have the fourth-most grueling overall schedule, The Dubot Army actually has the second-softest last four games of the season.

Draft Notes

  • Good Luck With That One!

    The Dubot Army will have some intriguing decisions to make each week at WR, with a narrow projected points difference between their third- (Michael Crabtree), fourth- (Dwayne Bowe), and fifth-ranked (Markus Wheaton) wideouts.

  • Highlight Reel

    TE is the strongest position for The Dubot Army, but WR and K are also stronger than the league average at those positions.

  • Afraid to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone?

    With seven "low-risk" players among their 14 picks, The Dubot Army is looking for dependable help.

  • No Back-Up No Cry

    Ignoring roster depth, The Dubot Army chose only one player at three different positions (TE, DEF, and K).

  • Basic Math is Optional

    Michael Vick once claimed "I have two weapons; my arms, my legs and my brain.” With 664 projected rushing yards, Colin Kaepernick can channel his inner Vick to help The Dubot Army this year.

Player Analysis

    • Dez Bryant, WR
    • Round 1, Pick 8
    Bryant is More of a Full-Service Guy

    Rodney Dangerfield claimed he once went to a massage parlor that was self-service. With 239 projected fantasy points this year, Dez Bryant should serve The Dubot Army a little better than that.

    • B. Marshall, WR
    • Round 2, Pick 17
    The Power of Persuasion

    Now would be a reasonable time for The Dubot Army to encourage the NEXT FFL League to raise the value of receptions. They snagged Brandon Marshall and his 94 projected catches (ranked fifth in the NFL).

    • Ryan Mathews, RB
    • Round 3, Pick 32
    How Rebellious of You

    The Dubot Army said 'no' to the tradition of fantasy drafting a RB early, waiting until the third round to pick up their first (Ryan Mathews).

    • Matt Ryan, QB
    • Round 4, Pick 41
    A Super Duper Signal-Caller

    Matt Ryan is projected to rack up 254 points this year, enough to rank seventh among all QBs.

    • M. Crabtree, WR
    • Round 5, Pick 56
    Rethinking That One

    Michael Crabtree went with the 56th pick, but is projected to fall outside of the top-30 in the NFL in both receiving TDs (32nd) and receiving yards (37th) with 6 and 927 respectively.

Best Available

The Dubot Army has three positions where an upgrade could be beneficial, with DEF being the most immediate need.

    • Chicago Defense
    • Rank 217, ADP 123
    • Indianapolis Defense
    • Rank 231, ADP 144
    • Baltimore Defense
    • Rank 242, ADP 141
    • New York Defense
    • Rank 248, ADP 126

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Derby Molly Madness
1. (8) Dez Bryant
2. (17) Brandon Marshall
3. (32) Ryan Mathews
4. (41) Matt Ryan
5. (56) Michael Crabtree
6. (65) Chris Johnson
7. (80) Greg Olsen
8. (89) Trenton Richardson
9. (104) Colin Kaepernick
10. (113) Steven Jackson
11. (128) Markus Wheaton
12. (137) Dwayne Bowe
13. (152) Tampa Bay
14. (161) Blair Walsh

Best Draft

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