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Deceptively Slow Draft Report Card

Peyton Manning
Rob Gronkowski
Larry Fitzgerald
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Despite Reaching for a Few Early-Rounders, Deceptively Slow Can Compete With Anyone

Draft Summary

This draft by Deceptively Slow was like a finely tuned Peyton Manning-led offense, with all the pieces falling into place. Just like Peyton's offense, Deceptively Slow is expected to score a lot of points this season and finish third in NEXT FFL League at 8-3-2 (1,282 points). They went after the diva position early, using three of their first five selections on WRs Larry Fitzgerald (third round), Andre Johnson (fourth round), and Eric Decker (fifth round). They have the bottom group of RBs in the league, as they added Ray Rice, Lamar Miller, and DeAngelo Williams.


Week 4 could be a frustrating one for Deceptively Slow, as their top two projected scorers (Peyton Manning and Seattle) will be off with byes. Looking at the entire season, they have one of the softest slates. In addition to having the third-easiest overall schedule, Deceptively Slow has the second-most difficult last four games of the season.

Draft Notes

  • Strength in Numbers

    TE is the best position for Deceptively Slow, though DEF and QB are also stronger-than-average.

  • Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

    Deceptively Slow drafted top-3 players at a trio of different positions (Peyton Manning, Seattle, and Rob Gronkowski).

  • Senior Citizen Discount

    With an average of 8.8 years of NFL experience, Deceptively Slow is the team most likely to have a player become a grandpa.

  • Beginning with a Bang

    Deceptively Slow got off to a sizzling start, amassing the most projected points in the league during the first half of the draft.

  • Big D

    Deceptively Slow elected to go with two DEFs instead of loading up at other spots.

  • Single Serving

    Going with just a single TE (Rob Gronkowski) and K (Phil Dawson), Deceptively Slow opted to add depth at other positions.

Player Analysis

    • Peyton Manning, QB
    • Round 1, Pick 10
    A Mile-High Marvel

    By fantasy standards, Peyton Manning's second season in Denver was his strongest as an NFL QB. He was owned on more championship rosters across all Yahoo! leagues than any other quarterback.

    • Rob Gronkowski, TE
    • Round 2, Pick 15
    Stolen In Broad Daylight

    Rob Gronkowski was the best value pick of the round and could be the cause of many sleepless nights for the other managers.

    • Eric Decker, WR
    • Round 5, Pick 58
    Taking a Chance

    With their fifth-round pick, Deceptively Slow threw caution to the wind. They took Eric Decker at pick number 58 despite an ADP of 90.4 across all Yahoo! leagues.

    • Seattle, DEF
    • Round 6, Pick 63
    Was Defense a Smart Decision at Pick No. 63?

    Deceptively Slow sure hopes so. Seattle's D is projected to get 244 points this year, after putting up 278 last year.

    • Lamar Miller, RB
    • Round 7, Pick 82
    Milk Was a Bad Choice

    And so was drafting Lamar Miller, the weakest value of the round.

Best Available

While Deceptively Slow is projected to have three below-average positions, RB is clearly their weakest unit and should be upgraded first.

    • Shonn Greene
    • Rank 129, ADP 127
    • Ahmad Bradshaw
    • Rank 130, ADP 123
    • Jonathan Stewart
    • Rank 132, ADP 125
    • James White
    • Rank 148, ADP 125
  • Bye Week Points Lost

    Each bar represents the total projected season points for each player that's on bye that week. This chart shows any potential bye week issues.

  • Pick Number Minus ADP
    Pick Number

    Bars above zero indicate a pick was selected later than a player's ADP. Bars below zero show players that were taken earlier than their ADP.

  • Avg Points by Position vs League
        Team     League

    The average projected points for all the players at each position versus the average projected points for all players at that position in the league.

  • Schedule by Opponent Points

    Week-by-week schedule with each opponent's projected season points. This chart shows any difficult or easy stretches in the schedule.

How We Grade

Draft grades are based strictly on teams' draft performances. This is calculated by counting the number of fantasy points teams are projected to score over the course of the season using their optimal line-ups. The grades do not take schedule into account. Because of bye weeks and other variables it is possible to earn a high grade yet be projected to finish in the middle of the pack. The opposite is also true. Bottom line: Fantasy Football is like the real game. You can draft the greatest talent in the world but you still need to manage your team every week to get the most out of that talent. As a wise man once said, "On any given Sunday..."

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Deceptively Slow
1. (10) Peyton Manning
2. (15) Rob Gronkowski
3. (34) Larry Fitzgerald
4. (39) Andre Johnson
5. (58) Eric Decker
6. (63) Seattle
7. (82) Lamar Miller
8. (87) Ray Rice
9. (106) Phil Dawson
10. (111) Kansas City
11. (130) DeAndre Hopkins
12. (135) Riley Cooper
13. (154) DeAngelo Williams
14. (159) Josh McCown

Best Draft

Best Draft is awarded to the team with the most projected season points based on weekly optimal starting lineups.

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