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Lucky Players Survived the $10K Contest
Week% CorrectMost Popular Correct Pick% IncorrectMost Popular Incorrect Pick
143.58%Baltimore Ravens(20.80%)56.42%New Orleans Saints(30.30%)
286.29%Los Angeles Rams(31.52%)13.71%Washington Redskins(4.42%)
320.85%Kansas City Chiefs(7.37%)79.15%Minnesota Vikings(64.18%)
491.60%Los Angeles Chargers(29.55%)8.40%Philadelphia Eagles(3.32%)
580.72%New England Patriots(35.55%)19.28%Tennessee Titans(10.55%)
692.62%Green Bay Packers(30.97%)7.38%Chicago Bears(3.86%)
794.57%Los Angeles Rams(24.38%)5.43%Philadelphia Eagles(1.84%)
899.18%Pittsburgh Steelers(29.89%)0.82%San Francisco 49ers(0.27%)
982.27%Chicago Bears(32.55%)17.73%Dallas Cowboys(14.93%)
1058.84%Kansas City Chiefs(18.06%)41.16%Atlanta Falcons(14.90%)
1156.63%New Orleans Saints(32.34%)43.37%Arizona Cardinals(17.14%)
1296.75%Baltimore Ravens(39.60%)3.25%Cincinnati Bengals(1.08%)
1381.97%Seattle Seahawks(57.52%)18.03%Green Bay Packers(15.18%)
1423.21%New Orleans Saints(7.66%)76.79%Denver Broncos(33.98%)
1569.57%Atlanta Falcons(28.25%)30.43%Los Angeles Rams(12.86%)
1695.75%Indianapolis Colts(29.00%)4.25%Miami Dolphins(1.54%)
1790.61%Philadelphia Eagles(28.13%)9.39%Green Bay Packers(3.82%)

Pick Distribution (Week P4)

1NELA Rams65.98%
2LARNew England34.02%
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