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All players will be divided randomly into eight pools of twelve players and will play each opponent in their respective pool . After week 11 the top 40 players will be ranked accordingly to their pool performance and will advance to the play offs. 40 players does not mean the top 5 in each pool, it means the best 40 players by record. Count backs will be broken by record - total yahoo point - yahoo pts final week backwards – - (For the sake of playoff records Wins = 3 pts, Ties = 1 pt, Loss = 0 pts)

This is a straight pickem contest. Select the winners each week with no spread or confidence points over the 17 weeks of the season
Who ever selects the most winners each week will win the prize pool but here is the catch. You must win the week outright to collect the entire jackpot pool. We will use the Yahoo tie breaker system to decide a winner for the week. The tie breaker will selecting both Yahoo selected games correctly, then having lowest differential of both games played. If by chance the differential is tied it will then the pot will be split. Regardless of what the Yahoo rankings are THE COMMISH HAS VETO POWERS OVER YAHOO RANKINGS.

This will continue on every week for 17 weeks with the most a tied week winner can claim is $65. Thus if every week is tied there possibly could be a final week jackpot of over $565. All winners on the final week 17 will split the jackpot. after the tie breaker winner gets their $65 Eg, jackpot of $565 and 10 tied on week 17 we may split it $50 each after the tie break winner gets their $55 in addition

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