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Yahoo Fantasy offers Matchup Challenges. Play your head-to-head opponent for a cash prize.
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What is a Matchup Challenge?

Managers in head-to-head leagues can challenge their weekly opponent to a Matchup Challenge. This feature allows you to add a contest to your head-to-head matchup within your season long league. The winner of the matchup receives a cash prize.

How do Matchup Challenges work?

  • Go to your weekly matchup in your season long league for the current week (or the following week if the current has started).

  • If eligible, create a Matchup Challenge with your weekly opponent.

  • Your opponent can then accept or reject your challenge.

  • If accepted, game on! A cash prize will be awarded to the winner.

Who can play Matchup Challenges?

  • You must play in a Pro League or Private League - public leagues are not supported.

  • Your league must use Head-to-Head scoring.

  • You must be located in an eligible state when proposing or accepting a Matchup Challenge. Location sharing may be requested to determine if you are located in a restricted area. Users located in Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington and Quebec are not eligible to participate in Matchup Challenges.

  • Users must be at least 18 years old (19 if located in AL or NE, or 21 if located in MA).

  • User account information may be subject to a one time verification process.

  • Leagues that use autodraft won’t see the Matchup Challenges feature.

  • Users who have self-excluded from Yahoo Fantasy paid gaming or disabled the feature on your team settings will not be able to participate.

Are there prize eligibility requirements?

In order to be prize eligible you must:

  • Participate in a live draft and make at least one draft pick.

  • Have players from at least 3 different teams in your lineup.

  • Play under a single account.

See full eligibility requirements in the Paid Fantasy Terms of Service.

How and when do I get paid?

Winnings are deposited in your Fantasy Wallet.

Matchup Challenges are paid out once stat corrections have been applied. Matchup Challenges in Fantasy Football will be paid out when the week is complete (typically, on Thursday morning). All other sports will typically be paid out on Monday morning.

Is there a fee?

Yahoo charges a management fee when participating in Matchup Challenges. Promotional offers may apply. Management fees are displayed when creating and accepting a Matchup Challenge.

Where can I get Help?

Visit Yahoo Help for more information.

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