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On top Punishes Team 6 for Third in a Row

Week 7

  • On top
  • 137.86 pts, 5-2
  • Weekly Grade
  • Team 6
  • 74.34 pts, 0-7
  • Weekly Grade

Fantasy football owners will accept any point margin to keep a win streak alive, but if you are able to win in a commanding fashion, it makes the streak all the more sweet. That is what On top accomplished this week when they put up the third-highest point total this season, and won their third win in a row to destroy Team 6 137.86 to 74.34. Going streaking usually draws attention to yourself, but not in positive way. Not in this case. Since starting their win streak in Week 5, On top has moved from fifth place to second. They're doing it by scoring a lot of points and they own the second-highest overall point total in the league, averaging 103.38 points per matchup. Adding insult to injury, Team 6 got zero points from Eddie Lacy. Team 6 goes to 0-7 and remains in ninth place. On top has recently beaten Team 4 (87.76 to 84.66) and tappingthatass (110.48 to 88.70).

Top Players

    • Kirk Cousins
    • 21.94
    • Jameis Winston
    • 21.66
    • Mike Evans
    • 21.60
    • Spencer Ware
    • 19.10

Smooth Moves by On top

  • The Toyota Hall of Fame would have its eyes on you for this week's win. But the Toyota Hall of Fame doesn't have eyes. Obviously.
  • All nine players in the starting lineup exceeded their projected points.
  • The 14.00 points by Justin Tucker was the league-high for a K this week.
  • Sat LeSean McCoy, who scored 1.10 points, fewer than any RB in the starting lineup.
  • Jacquizz Rodgers, who was picked up by On top, scored 16.30 points against a projected 11.75, topping his projection by 38.7%.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • 137.86 seems a lot higher when you're on the losing side of it. And the Toyota Hall of Fame knows you know that.
  • Martellus Bennett was last in the matchup in scoring with 0.50 points against a projected 6.23 and underachieved for the second time this season.
  • The WR corps couldn't keep pace with their counterparts from On top and were outscored 47.80 - 18.80.
  • Team 6 could have used more points from the TE position, where On top beat them 14.40 - 0.50.
  • It's times like these when it's important to support your players when they're down. So move the mouse pointer away from the DROP button. Allen Robinson scored a season-low 0.90 points, 6.9% of his projected 12.96, which is his lowest percentage of the year.

What If

  • If On top played Team 6 every week, they'd be 5-2 this year.
  • On top would've been undefeated if they played every team in the league this week.
  • Were they resting their players for this week? On top would have defeated Team 6 110.48 - 81.82 had they played each other last week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Team 6, On top would be 2-4.
  • On top would be 46-17 if they played every team every week.
  • Team 6 would have lost to five other teams besides On top this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as On top, Team 6 would be 2-4.
  • If they played every team every week, Team 6 would be 27-36.

Game Notes

  • Five of the seven losses for Team 6 this season have come when their opponent had their highest-scoring week of the season.
  • Did Team 6 pay admission to see the greatest show on turf? On top had a league-high for the week with 137.86 points, which is the third-highest score in the league this season.
  • The 63.52-point margin of victory was the largest in the league this week and second-biggest in the league this season.
  • This was the third time this season that Team 6 lost by the week's biggest margin.
  • The WRs on On top collectively had their best week of the season with 47.80 points.
  • On top has now won three games in a row.
  • With the big loss, Team 6 remains winless in blowout games this season, falling to 0-3.
  • On top is leveraging their draft well. This week they got 88.2% of their points from players they drafted.
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Team 6
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