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Team 10 Gets Win over Team 4, Hands Them Sixth Straight Defeat

Week 6

  • Team 10
  • 68.62 pts, 4-2
  • Weekly Grade
  • Team 4
  • 56.92 pts, 0-6
  • Weekly Grade

Team 4 must have done something to anger the Fantasy Gods this week, as they lost to Team 10 68.62 to 56.92. It seems like Team 4 showed up to the draft and then disappeared. They have gone all season without a win. Following an 87.76 to 84.66 loss against On top, Team 4 saw their scoring drop substantially this week. Both teams left points off the scoreboard in this one, as Team 10 started two players with zero points and Team 4 also served up one. Team 10 (4-2, 484.22 points) remains in sixth place while Team 4 (0-6, 407.78 points) stays locked in the cellar.

Top Players

    • Eli Manning
    • 26.12
    • Rob Gronkowski
    • 22.20
    • Philip Rivers
    • 11.12
    • Greg Olsen
    • 9.40

Smooth Moves by Team 10

  • Reading this matchup recap is indicative of potential Toyota Hall of Famers. You're making Team 10 look really good right now.
  • The 26.12 points scored by Eli Manning ranked ninth in the league in scoring. It is the highest output of any player on Team 10 this season.
  • Team 10 was still able to pull out a win with only 2 of their 9 starters exceeding their projected points.
  • Do you put a LB or DB on him? You might have to put both on him if this continues. Greg Olsen scored 9.40 points to rank third among TEs in the league this week.
  • Team 10 won despite having 2 of their 9 starters score zero points.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • 68.62 seems a lot higher when you're on the losing side of it. And the Toyota Hall of Fame knows you know that.
  • This is one of those mistakes that you continuously think about for ten years. Did not start Matthew Stafford, who scored 28.20 points to rank sixth in the league in scoring.
  • Torrey Smith, who was left on the bench, exceeded his 7.02-point projection with 13.60 points.
  • Chris Boswell has now underachieved in five straight games after scoring a matchup-low 1.00 point against a projected 10.75.
  • Derrick Henry has scored below his projection in every game this season after scoring 2.70 points against a projected 6.72 this week.

What If

  • If Team 10 played Team 4 every week, they would be 5-1 this season.
  • Team 10 would have lost to every other team in the league besides Team 4 this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Team 4, Team 10 would be 2-3.
  • If Team 10 had played every team in the league each week, they would be 20-34.
  • Team 4 would have lost to every other team in the league this week.
  • Timing really is everything. Team 10 would have lost to Team 4 84.66 - 52.96 had they played each other last week.
  • Team 4 would be 2-3 if they played the same schedule as Team 10.
  • If they played every team every week, Team 4 would be 9-45.

Game Notes

  • The bottom two scoring teams in the league this week were in this matchup.
  • Just like the Eagles' "Dream Team" of 2011, Team 10 has underachieved lately. They scored 68.62 points against a projected 77.45 and has underachieved for five straight weeks.
  • Team 4 was last in the league in scoring for the second time this season.
  • The 68.62 points scored by Team 10 is the lowest winning score in the league this season.
  • Not going to name names, but some people here aren't pulling their weight. Forget it, Jeremy Maclin needs to step it up! He scored 4.90 points against a projected 11.50 in the win, and has now scored below his projection in four straight games.
  • C.J. Anderson did little to help Team 10, underperforming versus projections for the fourth straight game with 7.10 points against a projected 9.00.
  • With 12.00 points, Team 10 got the lowest combined scoring output from the WR position for any team this week.
  • Remember when they needed to remind Forrest Gump to STOP? Well, they may need to remind this group of runnings backs to GO. With 2.70 points, Team 4 got the lowest combined scoring output from the RB position for any team this week.
Team 10
Team 4
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