Kodak black Picks Up Victory over Chris's Cool Team to Capture 12th Place

Week 12

  • Kodak black
  • 123 pts, 4-8
  • Weekly Grade
  • Chris's Cool Team
  • 109 pts, 4-8
  • Weekly Grade

Kodak black picked up 27 points from Case Keenum and 19 from the San Diego Chargers Defense to beat Chris's Cool Team 123 to 109. These two teams are tied for 12th place with 4-8 records, but it smells like BS, as Chris's Cool Team knows they're the much better squad, leading in total points 1,224 to 1,152. Chris's Cool Team has come apart after losing their last five. To make matters worse, Chris's Cool Team had a starter score zero points (Michael Crabtree).

Top Players

    • Case Keenum
    • 27
    • Joe Mixon
    • 25
    • Marshawn Lynch
    • 19
    • Cooper Kupp
    • 19

Smooth Moves by Kodak black

  • Kodak black is a winning name, which might be why you just won. Next step is figuring out if Kodak black is a Toyota Hall of Fame name.
  • The San Diego Chargers Defense was the highest-scoring DEF in the league this week with 19 points.
  • Not the best, but in the conversation. Case Keenum ranked 10th in the league in scoring this week with 27 points. It was also the third-highest score of any player on Kodak black this season.
  • Took Jared Goff out of the starting lineup, who scored 21 points on the bench, fewer than the starting QB.
  • Marshawn Lynch put the team on his back with 19 points, the sixth-highest score among RBs in the league this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Dear, Chris's Cool Team: Sorry to hear you lost. Toyota Hall of Famers don't really know how that feels, but surely it can't feel great. Next week, just win.
  • At the DEF position, Chris's Cool Team got outscored 19 - 5 by Kodak black.
  • Our kicker can beat up your kicker. Chris's Cool Team got outscored 13 - 5 by Kodak black at the K position.
  • Jay Ajayi had the fewest points of any starter on the team and had a season-low 3 points.
  • Chris's Cool Team had 6 of their 10 starters score less than their projected points.

What If

  • If Kodak black played Chris's Cool Team every week, they'd be 7-5 this season.
  • Kodak black would have beaten six other teams besides Chris's Cool Team this week.
  • Were they resting their players for this week? Kodak black would have defeated Chris's Cool Team 89 - 81 had they played each other last week.
  • Kodak black would be 4-7 if they played the same schedule as Chris's Cool Team.
  • If Kodak black had played every team in the league each week, they would be 51-104-1.
  • Besides Kodak black, Chris's Cool Team would have been defeated by eight other teams this week.
  • Chris's Cool Team would be 4-7 if they played the same schedule as Kodak black.
  • If they played every team every week, Chris's Cool Team would be 61-92-3.

Game Notes

  • Luck has not been with Chris's Cool Team, as six of their eight losses have come when their opponent scores higher than their season average.
  • This must be how Jay Leno feels with a garage full of high-performance cars. Kodak black got a combined 44 points from their RBs, their highest combined scoring output from the RB position this season.
  • After scoring 17 points against a projected 12.77, Devin Funchess has now exceeded his projection in three straight weeks.
  • Not going to name names, but some people here aren't pulling their weight. Forget it, Amari Cooper needs to step it up! He scored 7 points against a projected 12.74 in the win, and has now scored below his projection in four straight games.
  • The loss was the fifth in a row for Chris's Cool Team.
  • Kodak black overachieved and improves to 3-2 when doing so, while Chris's Cool Team fell short of their projection. They are now 2-5 when scoring less than expected.
  • Even in the loss, the 25 points scored by Joe Mixon was the fourth-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
  • Cooper Kupp was on the losing team, but still had the 10th-highest score of any WR in the league this week with 19 points.
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