antoniovsky Ekes Out Win over Longhorn Britos, Streak Now at Four

Week 10

  • antoniovsky
  • 97.1 pts, 5-5
  • Weekly Grade
  • Longhorn Britos
  • 94.06 pts, 6-4
  • Weekly Grade

antoniovsky got 26.50 points from Jared Goff and 14.70 from Jimmy Graham to slip by Longhorn Britos 97.10 to 94.06. While antoniovsky (5-5) is only a game back of Longhorn Britos (6-4), they're quite a bit farther behind in points, 949.70 to 848.14. This close win was revenge for a Week 1 103.74 to 57.64 waxing by Longhorn Britos.

Top Players

    • Cam Newton
    • 35.66
    • Jared Goff
    • 26.50
    • Greg Zuerlein
    • 17.00
    • JuJu Smith-Schuster
    • 15.70

Smooth Moves by antoniovsky

  • You defeated Longhorn Britos and showed your league you mean business. Show that to the rest of the world—by being in the Toyota Hall of Fame.
  • The 14.70 points scored by Jimmy Graham was the top TE score in the league this week.
  • If this was college, Jared Goff would expect to get a sleeve of helmet stickers. He ranked fifth in the league in scoring this week with 26.50 points. It was also the fifth-highest score of any player on antoniovsky this season.
  • With 14.00 points versus a projected 9.75, the Detroit Lions Defense exceeded their scoring projection by 43.6%.
  • antoniovsky won despite having only 4 of their 9 starters exceed their scoring projection.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Loss is a four-letter word to Toyota Hall of Famers. And win is a three-letter word. Hall of Famers are great at Fantasy Football AND counting.
  • Picked up Charles Clay, who was last on the team in scoring with 1.30 points.
  • Whoever gave you this advice, you might want to lose their number. Picked up and started the Chicago Bears Defense, which then scored below their 8.08-point projection with 3.00 points.
  • This is how people lose everything in casinos. Longhorn Britos thought their luck would change and went back to the well with Julio Jones. However, he scored 5.70 points against a projected 12.66 and has now underachieved in three straight games.
  • The RBs on Longhorn Britos let them down, getting outgunned by the RBs on antoniovsky 21.60 - 6.20.

What If

  • If antoniovsky played Longhorn Britos every week, they would be 5-5 this season.
  • Besides Longhorn Britos, antoniovsky would have defeated six other teams this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Longhorn Britos, antoniovsky would be 3-5.
  • If antoniovsky had played every team in the league each week, they would be 37-53.
  • Besides antoniovsky, Longhorn Britos would have been defeated by three other teams this week.
  • Timing really is everything. antoniovsky would have lost to Longhorn Britos 89.12 - 74.12 had they played each other last week.
  • If they played the same schedule as antoniovsky, Longhorn Britos would be 5-3.
  • Longhorn Britos would be 58-32 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • Maybe the league is colluding against them. All four of the losses for Longhorn Britos this season have come when their opponent scores higher than their season average.
  • antoniovsky scored 97.10 points against a projected 99.35 and underachieved for the eighth time this season, including the last three weeks in a row.
  • antoniovsky won again and is on a four-game winning streak, currently the longest in the league.
  • Abe Lincoln once said, "You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." Somebody tell Cam Newton that. His 35.66 points led the league and was the sixth-most points scored this season, but Longhorn Britos could not get the win.
  • The margin of victory for the matchup ended up being the smallest in the league this week at 3.04 points.
  • The RBs on Longhorn Britos collectively had their worst week of the season with only 6.20 points.
  • With the loss, Longhorn Britos falls to 1-1 in close games this season.
  • antoniovsky is now 3-1 in games that are close, including wins in their last three such contests.
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