ViVicVik's Gets Late Rally on Ivan's Team

Week 1

  • ViVicVik's
  • 92.64 pts, 1-0
  • Weekly Grade
  • Ivan's Team
  • 86.22 pts, 0-1
  • Weekly Grade

ViVicVik's benefited from 15.90 points from LeSean McCoy and 15.64 from Drew Brees to take down Ivan's Team 92.64 to 86.22. ViVicVik's came into the Monday night game facing a 9.32-point deficit, but scored 29.64 for the comeback. While each team failed to hit their projections, ViVicVik's scored 97.1% of a projected 95.39 points to get the win. For Ivan's Team, Ty Montgomery and Melvin Gordon played the roles of Maverick and Goose, scoring 15.30 and 13.90 points, respectively. ViVicVik's showed some mercy in the win, starting a player with zero points (Hunter Henry). ViVicVik's (1-0) starts the campaign in third place while Ivan's Team (0-1) begins in sixth place.

Top Players

    • LeSean McCoy
    • 15.90
    • Drew Brees
    • 15.64
    • Ty Montgomery
    • 15.30
    • Wil Lutz
    • 14.00

Smooth Moves by ViVicVik's

  • ViVicVik's is a winning name, which might be why you just won. Next step is figuring out if ViVicVik's is a Toyota Hall of Fame name.
  • With 15.90 points, LeSean McCoy ranked fourth in scoring among all RBs in the league this week.
  • Jordy Nelson scored 13.90 points, the fifth-highest WR score in the league this week.
  • What do Apache helicopters, F-117 Nighthawks and Golden Tate have in common? They are all dangerous aerial weapons. He ranked ninth in the league in scoring among WRs this week with 11.40 points.
  • ViVicVik's had most of their starters beat their scoring projection (5 out of 9).

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Dear, Ivan's Team: Sorry to hear you lost. Toyota Hall of Famers don't really know how that feels, but surely it can't feel great. Next week, just win.
  • You wish you had a kicker like ours. ViVicVik's won the K position battle, beating Ivan's Team 14.00 - 7.00.
  • Ivan's Team had 5 of their 9 starters score less than their projected points.
  • Russell Wilson had the highest projected points in the matchup with 19.13, but fell short by scoring 8.32 points.
  • With 7.40 points versus a projected 12.87, A.J. Green scored only 57.5% of his projected point total.

What If

  • ViVicVik's would have beaten six other teams besides Ivan's Team this week.
  • If ViVicVik's had scored 11.11 more points, they would have beaten all teams in the league this week.
  • In addition to ViVicVik's, Ivan's Team would have lost to just two other teams this week.
  • If Ivan's Team had scored 28.59 fewer points, they would have lost to all teams in the league this week.

Game Notes

  • ViVicVik's was able to cover the 1.95-point spread in the win.
  • Two of the starters for ViVicVik's scored higher than the leading scorer for Ivan's Team.
  • The score put up by Ivan's Team was the largest among losing teams in the league this week.
  • Ty Montgomery was a bright spot for Ivan's Team in the loss with 15.30 points, the sixth-highest RB score in the league this week.
  • In the loss, Melvin Gordon had the 10th-highest RB score in the league this week with 13.90 points.
  • All was not bad for Ivan's Team in the loss, as Jason Witten scored 11.90 points, the second-highest score for a TE in the league this week.
  • The second-greatest total score by WRs on a single team this week came from ViVicVik's. Their WRs combined to score 33.60 points.
  • Ivan's Team got 37.80 points from their RBs, the second-highest combined scoring output from the RB position for any team this week.
Ivan's Team
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