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Coye Screwed Us Scores Zero Points This Week

Week 5

  • 92.32 pts, 3-2
  • Weekly Grade
  • Coye Screwed Us
  • 0 pts, 0-5
  • Weekly Grade

Sometimes getting the win is about skill and sometimes it is about luck. In this case, it seemed like luck as GDTBAE won their matchup when Coye Screwed Us managed not to score a single point.

Top Players

    • Adam Vinatieri
    • 23.00
    • Carson Wentz
    • 17.92
    • Le'Veon Bell
    • 15.40
    • Todd Gurley
    • 14.80

Smooth Moves by GDTBAE

  • The Toyota Hall of Fame would have its eyes on you for this week's win. But the Toyota Hall of Fame doesn't have eyes. Obviously.
  • One man's trash is another man's treasure? GDTBAE picked up Adam Vinatieri, who led the matchup in scoring with 23.00 points.
  • GDTBAE won despite having only 1 of their 9 starters exceed their projected points.
  • The 15.40 points scored by Le'Veon Bell was the 10th-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
  • Even with both of their RBs falling short of their projected scores, GDTBAE still won.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Some teams are destined to beat teams like Coye Screwed Us and move on to Toyota Hall of Fame greatness. Ironically, you are included in that destiny, because you played yourself.
  • Left Delanie Walker on the bench, where he scored 12.60 points and surpassed his scoring projection by 77.4%, the highest percentage of any player on the team.
  • Did not start Brandon Marshall, who led the team in scoring with 17.40 points.
  • Coye Screwed Us had the worst starter/bench scoring ratio in the league this season with 0 points from their starters and 71.00 total points left on the bench.

What If

  • If GDTBAE played Coye Screwed Us every week, they'd be 3-2 this year.
  • Besides Coye Screwed Us, GDTBAE would have beaten only two other teams this week.
  • Were they resting their players for this week? GDTBAE would have defeated Coye Screwed Us 127.08 - 41.22 had they played each other last week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Coye Screwed Us, GDTBAE would be 2-2.
  • If GDTBAE had played every team in the league each week, they would be 19-26.
  • Coye Screwed Us would have been beaten by every other team in the league this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as GDTBAE, Coye Screwed Us would be 1-3.
  • Coye Screwed Us would be 12-33 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • The margin of victory of 92.32 points was the largest in the league this week and biggest in the league this season.
  • Coye Screwed Us scored the fewest points in the league this week and had the lowest score in the league this season.
  • The 92.32 points by GDTBAE was their lowest winning score of the season.
  • GDTBAE has won three straight games, the longest current winning streak in the league.
  • Coye Screwed Us lost by the biggest margin of the week for the third time this season.
  • With the big loss, Coye Screwed Us remains winless in blowout games this season, falling to 0-2.
  • GDTBAE ups their record in blowout matchups to 2-0.
  • This is the second week this season that Coye Screwed Us is in last place in the league.
Coye Screwed Us
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