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Da Hulks Gets Win over Over Dwayne Bowe for Third Straight Win

Week 7

  • Da Hulks
  • 128.88 pts, 5-2
  • Weekly Grade
  • Over Dwayne Bowe
  • 92.8 pts, 2-5
  • Weekly Grade

Da Hulks picked up their third win in a row when they defeated Over Dwayne Bowe 128.88 to 92.80. They got a boost from Mike Evans, who got the third-highest point total in the league this week. AC/DC once said: "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll." However, in relatively short time, Da Hulks has rocked and rolled to take the top spot. When their streak started in Week 5, they were in just fourth place. They also have the highest scoring output in the league at 142.58 points per matchup. On top of the loss, Over Dwayne Bowe had a starter score zero points (Jamaal Charles). Over Dwayne Bowe goes to 2-5 and stays in eighth place. Da Hulks has recently beaten Doty Street Cobblers (173.94 to 149.86) and One Tough Mother (143.48 to 118.96).

Top Players

    • Mike Evans
    • 29.60
    • Julio Jones
    • 26.40
    • Le'Veon Bell
    • 24.90
    • Ty Montgomery
    • 22.60

Smooth Moves by Da Hulks

  • The Toyota Hall of Fame would have its eyes on you for this week's win. But the Toyota Hall of Fame doesn't have eyes. Obviously.
  • Best in the world: Delanie Walker can claim that at least for one week after his 21.40 point performance. It was highest score for any TE this week, as well as the ninth-highest TE score in the league this season.
  • The 29.60 points scored by Mike Evans ranked third in the league in scoring. It was also his highest output of the season.
  • Ty Montgomery, who was picked up by Da Hulks, scored 22.60 points against a projected 13.82, topping his projection by 63.5%.
  • 5 of 8 players in the starting lineup for Da Hulks topped their projected points.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Don't worry, Over Dwayne Bowe, the Toyota Hall of Fame says losing isn't contagious. But it is embarrassing. And you should be embarrassed.
  • Made a mistake in not starting LeGarrette Blount, who ranked eighth in the league in scoring and topped his scoring projection by 185.1%, the second-highest percentage in the league.
  • Should have started Derek Carr, who underachieved, but still outscored the starting QB with 12.40 against a projected 17.96.
  • Should have started Coby Fleener, who underachieved, but still had more points than the starting TE with 6.40 against a projected 10.84.
  • 7 of the starters on Over Dwayne Bowe underperformed versus their projections.

What If

  • If Da Hulks played Over Dwayne Bowe every week, they'd be 6-1 this year.
  • Da Hulks would have beaten four other teams besides Over Dwayne Bowe this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Da Hulks would have defeated Over Dwayne Bowe 143.48 - 101.30.
  • If they played the same schedule as Over Dwayne Bowe, Da Hulks would be 6-0.
  • If Da Hulks had played every team in the league each week, they would be 39-10.
  • Over Dwayne Bowe would have lost to four other teams besides Da Hulks this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Da Hulks, Over Dwayne Bowe would be 1-5.
  • If they played every team every week, Over Dwayne Bowe would be 17-32.

Game Notes

  • Da Hulks put up their smallest winning point total of the year.
  • The tragedy of being an underachiever is that Over Dwayne Bowe knows what they should be, but reality keeps telling them that they're wrong. They scored 92.80 points against a projected 124.90 and underachieved for the fifth time this season, including the last three weeks in a row.
  • Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. Da Hulks has won three games in a row, the longest current winning streak in the league.
  • The manager of Da Hulks was probably the person who destroyed the curve on every test in school. They scored 128.88 points against a projected 118.81 and beat their scoring projection for the fifth time this season, including the last three weeks in a row.
  • Over Dwayne Bowe got a combined 24.90 points from their RBs, their lowest combined scoring output from the RB position this season.
  • The 36.08-point margin of victory was the biggest of the season for Da Hulks and ninth-largest in the league this season.
  • This is the biggest margin of defeat of the season for Over Dwayne Bowe.
  • Da Hulks is leveraging their draft well. This week they got 73.9% of their points from players they drafted.
Da Hulks
Over Dwayne Bowe
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