All I do is Winston Beats CAM you dig it !?

Week 2

  • All I do is Winston
  • 110.66 pts, 2-0
  • Weekly Grade
  • CAM you dig it !?
  • 84.02 pts, 0-2
  • Weekly Grade

All I do is Winston was on another level this week, putting up the second-highest score in the league this week to get past CAM you dig it !? 110.66 to 84.02. Each team fell short of hitting their projections, but All I do is Winston managed to score 97.2% of a projected 113.86 points for the win. CAM you dig it !? was led by the tag team of Travis Kelce, with 16.30 points, and Matt Bryant, who scored 14.00. All I do is Winston (2-0, 187.14 points) shifts into fourth place and CAM you dig it !? (0-2, 178.36 points) goes to seventh place.

Top Players

    • Ty Montgomery
    • 23.00
    • Devonta Freeman
    • 22.00
    • Travis Kelce
    • 16.30
    • Matt Bryant
    • 14.00

Smooth Moves by All I do is Winston

  • Winning make you feel warm and fuzzy? Coincidentally, Toyota Hall of Fame inductees get a gold jacket that is both warm and quite fuzzy.
  • With 23.00 points, Ty Montgomery got the eighth-largest point total in the league and beat his projected points by 104.8%, which was the ninth-biggest percentage in the league.
  • We won't judge you if you want to bow to Devonta Freeman. He ranked 10th in the league in scoring with 22.00 points.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs Defense overachieved by 44.0%, scoring 11.00 points against a projected 7.64.
  • Apparently playing within themselves was good enough. All I do is Winston won despite having only 3 of their 10 starters exceed their projected points.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • After any loss, it's good to reflect on the choices you've made. One you'll never regret is being a Toyota Hall of Famer.
  • It was a bad week at RB for CAM you dig it !?, who was outscored at the position 55.90 - 15.50 by All I do is Winston.
  • Jordan Howard was last in the matchup in scoring with 0.70 points.
  • 6 of the starters on CAM you dig it !? scored less than their projected points.
  • The 4.30 points scored by LeSean McCoy was just 28.2% of his 15.26-point projection.

What If

  • If All I do is Winston played CAM you dig it !? every week, they'd be 1-1 this year.
  • Besides CAM you dig it !?, All I do is Winston would have defeated seven other teams this week.
  • If All I do is Winston had played every team in the league each week, they would be 12-6.
  • CAM you dig it !? would have lost to five other teams besides All I do is Winston this week.
  • And they say procrastination doesn't pay off! Had they played each other last week, All I do is Winston would have lost to CAM you dig it !? 94.34 - 76.48.
  • CAM you dig it !? would be 10-8 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • Two of the starters for All I do is Winston scored higher than the leading scorer for CAM you dig it !?.
  • All I do is Winston got a combined 55.90 points from their RBs, the highest combined scoring output from the RB position for any team this week.
  • All I do is Winston had the second-highest point total in the league this week.
  • The margin of victory was the second-widest in the league this week.
  • Travis Kelce put up the second-best TE score in the league with 16.30 points this week.
  • In the loss, Matt Bryant scored 14.00 points against a projected 9.50 and exceeded his scoring projection by 47.4%.
  • Jameis Winston, who had the highest projected points in the matchup, fell short of scoring projections with 12.46 points against a projected 21.75.
  • Greg Olsen did not contribute much to the win by All I do is Winston. He only scored 1.00 point of a projected 9.10.
All I do is Winston
CAM you dig it !?
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