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Autopick Wonder Comes Back to Beat Gurley not girly, Knocks Them Back into Third Place

Week 8

  • Autopick Wonder
  • 96.42 pts, 5-3
  • Weekly Grade
  • Gurley not girly
  • 76.78 pts, 5-3
  • Weekly Grade

Autopick Wonder took advantage of 26.20 points from Jordan Howard and 18.12 from Tyrod Taylor to beat Gurley not girly 96.42 to 76.78. Autopick Wonder came into the Monday night game facing a 9.66-point deficit, but scored 29.30 for the comeback. These two teams are tied for fifth place with 5-3 records, but it doesn't tell the whole story, as Gurley not girly has a clear points lead, 883.30 to 810.10. Gurley not girly failed to live up to expectations and scored only 90.6% of a projected 84.76, while Autopick Wonder put up 0.2% more points than projected (96.25). To make matters worse, Gurley not girly had a starter score zero points (Marquise Goodwin).

Top Players

    • Jordan Howard
    • 26.20
    • Tyrod Taylor
    • 18.12
    • Melvin Gordon
    • 15.50
    • Cam Newton
    • 12.78

Smooth Moves by Autopick Wonder

  • If this were a dream sequence, you'd hear a deep voice announce, "Autopick Wonder, the Toyota Hall of Famer." But it's not.
  • Jordan Howard brought in 26.20 points, which was good enough to rank sixth in the league in scoring this week and fourth-best of any player on Autopick Wonder this season.
  • Sat TE Hunter Henry on the bench, where he had the lowest TE score on the team with 1.40 points.
  • With only 4 of their 10 starters beating their projected points, Autopick Wonder was still able to win.
  • Autopick Wonder managed their team well, winning with three players on the bench and not playing this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Some teams are destined to beat teams like Gurley not girly and move on to Toyota Hall of Fame greatness. Ironically, you are included in that destiny, because you played yourself.
  • Left Derek Carr on the bench, where he led the league in scoring with 35.82 points.
  • Adam Vinatieri was last on the team in scoring with 2.00 points, 27.9% of his projected 7.16, which is his lowest percentage of the season.
  • With a season-low 12.78 points versus a projected 18.82, Cam Newton failed to meet his projection for the third time this season.
  • Gurley not girly was not able to win even though only 5 of their 10 starters fell short of their projected point total.

What If

  • Autopick Wonder would be 4-4 if they played Gurley not girly every week.
  • Besides Gurley not girly, Autopick Wonder would have defeated five other teams this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Gurley not girly, Autopick Wonder would be 5-2.
  • If Autopick Wonder had played every team in the league each week, they would be 48-40.
  • Gurley not girly would have lost to eight other teams besides Autopick Wonder this week.
  • Timing really is everything. Autopick Wonder would have lost to Gurley not girly 134.50 - 74.94 had they played each other last week.
  • Gurley not girly would be 4-3 if they played the same schedule as Autopick Wonder.
  • Gurley not girly would be 54-34 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • The 96.42 points by Autopick Wonder was their lowest winning score of the season.
  • Autopick Wonder was able to cover the 11.49-point spread in the win.
  • With 76.78 points, Gurley not girly had their lowest output of the season.
  • In the loss, the Kansas City Chiefs Defense scored 11.00 points against a projected 7.88 and has now overachieved in three straight games.
  • Autopick Wonder had two starters score more points than the highest-scoring starter for Gurley not girly.
  • Not going to name names, but some people here aren't pulling their weight. Forget it, Will Fuller needs to step it up! He scored 2.30 points against a projected 8.71 in the win, and has now scored below his projection in three straight games.
  • Although Autopick Wonder won, it was no thanks to Brandon Marshall, who scored 6.80 points and has now scored below his projection in three straight weeks.
  • Kyle Rudolph did little to help Autopick Wonder, underperforming versus projections for the third straight game with 3.10 points against a projected 6.03.
Autopick Wonder
Gurley not girly
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