PoopyButtHoles Wins Stunner over THE BRAND

Week 1

  • PoopyButtHoles
  • 82.42 pts, 1-0
  • Weekly Grade
  • 70.82 pts, 0-1
  • Weekly Grade

PoopyButtHoles benefited from 17.12 points from Dak Prescott and 15.60 from Todd Gurley II to defeat THE BRAND 82.42 to 70.82. They came into the matchup as a 16.16-point underdog. Each team failed to hit their projections, but PoopyButtHoles managed to score 91.5% of a projected 90.04 points for the win. THE BRAND was led by the tag team of Ty Montgomery, with 15.30 points, and Jeremy Maclin, who scored 11.60. The margin could have been larger, PoopyButtHoles had a starter score zero points (Julius Thomas). PoopyButtHoles (1-0) starts off the campaign in fifth place while THE BRAND (0-1) opens in ninth place.

Top Players

    • Dak Prescott
    • 17.12
    • Todd Gurley II
    • 15.60
    • Ty Montgomery
    • 15.30
    • Jordan Howard
    • 12.60

Smooth Moves by PoopyButtHoles

  • A win like that is a great first step, PoopyButtHoles. A baby step toward the ultimate achievement: becoming a Toyota Hall of Famer.
  • Dak Prescott had 17.12 points to lead the matchup in scoring.
  • The 15.60 points scored by Todd Gurley II was the fifth-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
  • With 11.50 points, DeAndre Hopkins ranked eighth in the league in scoring among WRs this week.
  • Starter Julius Thomas put up a zero, but PoopyButtHoles still won.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • When life hands you lemons, say, “What the heck? I thought this was Fantasy Football, not a lemon stand. I want wins instead.” Wisdom from the Toyota Hall of Fame.
  • Chris Boswell, who THE BRAND picked up this week, scored below his 9.28-point projection with 3.00 points.
  • 8 of the 10 starters scored less than their projected points.
  • The New England Patriots Defense had the lowest point total in the matchup with 1.00 point.
  • It was a beating at QB for THE BRAND, as they were outscored 17.12 - 8.32 by PoopyButtHoles.

What If

  • PoopyButtHoles would have beaten three other teams besides THE BRAND this week.
  • Hypothetically speaking, if PoopyButtHoles had scored 43.37 more points, they would have beaten every team in the league this week.
  • Besides PoopyButtHoles, THE BRAND would have been defeated by seven other teams this week.
  • THE BRAND would've needed an additional 54.97 points to beat all teams in the league this week.

Game Notes

  • The margin of victory for the matchup ended up being the smallest in the league this week at 11.60 points.
  • Two of the starters for PoopyButtHoles scored higher than the leading scorer for THE BRAND.
  • PoopyButtHoles had the lowest winning score in the league this week with 82.42 points.
  • THE BRAND scored 70.82 points, ranking them ninth in the league in scoring.
  • Even in the loss, the 15.30 points scored by Ty Montgomery was the sixth-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
  • THE BRAND could not close out the win even with the help of Jeremy Maclin, who scored 11.60 points, the seventh-highest score among all WRs in the league for the week.
  • PoopyButtHoles might want to see a chiropractor, because they were carrying Paul Perkins on their back the whole week. He was on the winning team, but only scored 2.50 points against his projected 9.20.
  • Each side failed to match their weekly score projections.
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