Errday I'm Russelin' Picks Up Win Against Mr. Rodgers' Hood, Adds To Their Pain

Week 6

  • Errday I'm Russelin'
  • 108.76 pts, 1-5
  • Weekly Grade
  • Mr. Rodgers' Hood
  • 101.54 pts, 2-4
  • Weekly Grade

Just like Batman and Robin, Cam Newton and Carlos Hyde were a deadly combo for Errday I'm Russelin', leading the way to a 108.76 to 101.54 victory over Mr. Rodgers' Hood. They put up 25.66 and 24.50 points, respectively. Mr. Rodgers' Hood has had a bad run and is on a three-game losing streak. Mr. Rodgers' Hood was coming off a 108.84 to 78.86 loss against The Reception Desk and saw their scoring improve this week. Errday I'm Russelin' earned a sportsmanship trophy, starting Andre Ellington (0 points) to prevent the result from being even worse. Mr. Rodgers' Hood (2-4, 649.38 points) sinks into 10th place and Errday I'm Russelin' (1-5, 626.72 points) remains mired in the cellar.

Top Players

    • Rob Gronkowski
    • 26.30
    • Cam Newton
    • 25.66
    • Carlos Hyde
    • 24.50
    • Demaryius Thomas
    • 21.30

Smooth Moves by Errday I'm Russelin'

  • You defeated Mr. Rodgers' Hood and showed your league you mean business. Show that to the rest of the world—by being in the Toyota Hall of Fame.
  • With 12.00 points, Justin Tucker had the highest score for a K in the league this week.
  • Took the Arizona Cardinals Defense out of the starting lineup, which scored 6.00 points on the bench, fewer than the starting DEF.
  • Quarterbacks get the blame when the team loses and the glory when the team wins. With 25.66 points, Cam Newton had the fifth-highest score of any QB in the league this week and earned his praise.
  • There are rumors that the military wants to model a new all-terrain vehicle based off of Carlos Hyde. He had the sixth-highest score among RBs in the league this week with 24.50 points.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Dear, Mr. Rodgers' Hood: Sorry to hear you lost. Toyota Hall of Famers don't really know how that feels, but surely it can't feel great. Next week, just win.
  • Well, that's embarrassing. Left Carson Palmer on the bench, where he ranked seventh in the league in scoring with 27.92 points.
  • At the QB position, Mr. Rodgers' Hood got outscored 25.66 - 2.44 by Errday I'm Russelin'.
  • It's times like these when it's important to support your players when they're down. So move the mouse pointer away from the DROP button. Jameis Winston scored a season-low 2.44 points, 13.1% of his projected 18.60, which is his lowest percentage of the year.
  • You've gotta hit rock button before you can start to rise. It was a season-low 5.80 points for Randall Cobb this week. It was also a season-low for his performance versus projections, reaching only 44.9% of a projected point total of 12.93.

What If

  • If Errday I'm Russelin' played Mr. Rodgers' Hood every week, they would be 3-3 this season.
  • Errday I'm Russelin' would have beaten only three other teams besides Mr. Rodgers' Hood this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Errday I'm Russelin' would have defeated Mr. Rodgers' Hood 99.94 - 78.86.
  • Errday I'm Russelin' would be 0-5 if they played the same schedule as Mr. Rodgers' Hood.
  • Errday I'm Russelin' would be 17-49 if they played every team every week.
  • Mr. Rodgers' Hood would have lost to nine other teams besides Errday I'm Russelin' this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Errday I'm Russelin', Mr. Rodgers' Hood would be 1-4.
  • If they played every team every week, Mr. Rodgers' Hood would be 24-42.

Game Notes

  • The loss is the third straight for Mr. Rodgers' Hood and extends the longest current losing streak in the league.
  • With a combined 31.50 points from the TE position, Mr. Rodgers' Hood got the highest combined scoring output from the TE position for any team this season.
  • "They ain't nothing but paper champions. That's all they are, and that's all they're ever going to be." Did Lee Flowers say that or everybody in this league? Errday I'm Russelin' scored 108.76 points against a projected 115.75 and has underachieved every week this season.
  • Errday I'm Russelin' covered the 5.91-point spread, winning by 7.22 points.
  • Eat. Sleep. Beat the streak. Errday I'm Russelin' was finally able to overcome their five-game losing streak with the win.
  • Not going to name names, but some people here aren't pulling their weight. Forget it, Jared Cook needs to step it up! He scored 3.40 points against a projected 11.15 in the win, and has now scored below his projection in three straight games.
  • Just because Robert Horry has seven NBA championship rings, doesn't mean he's one of the greats. Despite being on the winning team, Allen Hurns scored 6.70 points against a projected 12.19 and has now underachieved in three straight games.
  • Errday I'm Russelin' is in the basement in the standings for the third week this season.
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Mr. Rodgers' Hood
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