Juggernuts Gets Win Against BIG GREEN to Capture Sixth Place

Week 4

  • Juggernuts
  • 94.86 pts, 2-2
  • Weekly Grade
  • 68.14 pts, 1-3
  • Weekly Grade

Juggernuts got 23.06 points from Aaron Rodgers and 14.00 from Cameron Brate to take down BIG GREEN 94.86 to 68.14. BIG GREEN has had a bad run and is on a three-game losing streak. For BIG GREEN, the Seattle Seahawks Defense and Devonta Freeman played the roles of Maverick and Goose, scoring 20.00 and 13.80 points, respectively. Juggernuts (2-2, 336.74 points) climbs into sixth place while BIG GREEN (1-3, 316.48 points) drops to ninth place.

Top Players

    • Aaron Rodgers
    • 23.06
    • Seattle Seahawks Defense
    • 20.00
    • Cameron Brate
    • 14.00
    • Devonta Freeman
    • 13.80

Smooth Moves by Juggernuts

  • That's one small victory for Juggernuts. And one small step toward legendary status—in the Toyota Hall of Fame.
  • Cameron Brate scored 14.00 points, the second-highest TE score of the week and the seventh-highest TE score in the league this season.
  • Pulled Austin Hooper from their starting lineup, who scored 5.00 points on the bench, fewer than the starting TE.
  • Benched RB James White, who scored fewer points than any RB in the starting lineup with 5.40.
  • The 12.00 points scored by Chris Hogan was the 10th-highest score by a WR in the league this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Loss is a four-letter word to Toyota Hall of Famers. And win is a three-letter word. Hall of Famers are great at Fantasy Football AND counting.
  • Picked up Alex Smith but left him on the bench, where he ranked seventh in the league in scoring with 27.32 points.
  • Left Devin Funchess on the bench, where he scored 19.00 points to beat his scoring projection by 189.1%, the second-highest percentage in the league.
  • Demaryius Thomas scored a matchup-low 1.10 points against a projected 11.42 and has now underachieved in every game this season.
  • Whoever gave you this advice, you might want to lose their number. Picked up and started Jared Cook, who then scored below his 6.32-point projection with 4.60 points.

What If

  • If Juggernuts played BIG GREEN every week, they'd be 2-2 this year.
  • Juggernuts would have beaten eight other teams besides BIG GREEN this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Juggernuts would have defeated BIG GREEN 93.72 - 71.90.
  • Juggernuts would be 2-1 if they played the same schedule as BIG GREEN.
  • If Juggernuts had played every team in the league each week, they would be 23-21.
  • Besides Juggernuts, BIG GREEN would have been defeated by eight other teams this week.
  • BIG GREEN would be 2-1 if they played the same schedule as Juggernuts.
  • BIG GREEN would be 17-27 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • Despite being on the winning team, Julio Jones had a season-low 3.00 points against a projected 14.34 and has now underachieved in every game this season.
  • "They ain't nothing but paper champions. That's all they are, and that's all they're ever going to be." Did Lee Flowers say that or everybody in this league? BIG GREEN scored 68.14 points against a projected 103.99 and has underachieved every week this season.
  • With 94.86 points, Juggernuts had their highest score so far this season.
  • The RBs on BIG GREEN collectively had their worst week of the season with only 22.20 points.
  • It was a season-low point total for BIG GREEN.
  • The Toyota Hall of Fame recommends BIG GREEN go on a WINNING streak, instead of a LOSING streak. That one word makes a surprising amount of difference.
  • It was the biggest loss of the season for BIG GREEN.
  • The Seattle Seahawks Defense scored 20.00 points, the fifth-highest DEF score in the league this season, but it was not enough to tip the scales in favor of BIG GREEN.
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