Sum Scrub Gets Victory Against BaconAndEggs for Fourth Straight Win

Week 11

  • Sum Scrub
  • 117.86 pts, 7-4
  • Weekly Grade
  • BaconAndEggs
  • 83.69 pts, 1-10
  • Weekly Grade

BaconAndEggs must have done something to anger the Fantasy Gods this week, as they lost to Sum Scrub 117.86 to 83.69. BaconAndEggs may need a Happy Meal with some french fries to pick up their spirits after dropping their eighth straight. BaconAndEggs was led by the tag team of Jordan Howard, with 15.33 points, and Melvin Ingram, who scored 9.00. The gap could have been wider, Sum Scrub had a starter score zero points (the Los Angeles Rams Defense). Sum Scrub (7-4, 1,489.42 points) climbs into second place while BaconAndEggs (1-10, 1,017.71 points) stays locked in last place.

Top Players

    • Kirk Cousins
    • 26.17
    • Larry Fitzgerald
    • 19.55
    • Jordan Howard
    • 15.33
    • Le'Veon Bell
    • 14.92

Smooth Moves by Sum Scrub

  • You put it all on the Fantasy field and pulled out a Fantasy victory! A Fantasy feeling only rivaled by becoming a real Toyota Hall of Famer.
  • With 26.17 points, Kirk Cousins exceeded his scoring projection by a season-high 86.5% to rank fifth in the league in scoring.
  • Sat Adrian Peterson, who scored 3.38 points, fewer than any RB in the starting lineup.
  • Sum Scrub is either a fortune teller or really knows their stuff. C.J. Mosley, who was picked up by Sum Scrub, scored 11.00 points against a projected 7.77, topping his projection by 41.6%.
  • With 19.55 points, Larry Fitzgerald ranked fifth in the league in scoring among WRs this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Loss is a four-letter word to Toyota Hall of Famers. And win is a three-letter word. Hall of Famers are great at Fantasy Football AND counting.
  • Left Andy Dalton on the bench, where he led the team in scoring with 21.35 points.
  • Nelson Agholor was last on the team in scoring with 0.90 points against a projected 8.76 and has now underachieved in three straight games.
  • Julio Jones has now failed to reach his projection for four straight games. This week he scored 8.55 points versus a projected 13.41.
  • This is how people lose everything in casinos. BaconAndEggs thought their luck would change and went back to the well with the Denver Broncos Defense. However, they scored 5.00 points against a projected 8.35 and has now underachieved in eight straight games.

What If

  • If Sum Scrub played BaconAndEggs every week, they would be 10-1 this season.
  • Sum Scrub would have beaten only two other teams besides BaconAndEggs this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Sum Scrub would have defeated BaconAndEggs 143.63 - 88.94.
  • Sum Scrub would be 6-4 if they played the same schedule as BaconAndEggs.
  • Sum Scrub would be 86-35 if they played every team every week.
  • BaconAndEggs would have been beaten by every other team in the league this week.
  • BaconAndEggs would be 3-7 if they played the same schedule as Sum Scrub.
  • BaconAndEggs would be 27-94 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • This was the fifth time this season that BaconAndEggs lost by the week's biggest margin.
  • Sum Scrub had the week's largest margin of victory (34.17 points) for the third time this season.
  • BaconAndEggs underachieved for the 10th time this season, including the last eight weeks in a row, scoring 83.69 points against a projected 111.71 this week.
  • BaconAndEggs was last in the league in scoring for the sixth time this season.
  • Sum Scrub put up their smallest winning point total of the year.
  • BaconAndEggs has lost eight straight games, the longest current losing streak in the league.
  • Kelvin Benjamin had a season-low 2.00 points against a projected 7.88 in the win and has now scored below his projection in four straight games.
  • Sum Scrub beat BaconAndEggs at the top, with two of their starters outscoring the leading point-getter for BaconAndEggs.
Sum Scrub
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