Hit Em With The HEEEEEIINNNN!! (ID# 731582)

#FREEBRADY Narrowly Upsets bull39's Team, Takes Top Spot in League

Week 7

  • 119.62 pts, 5-2
  • Weekly Grade
  • bull39's Team
  • 117.08 pts, 4-3
  • Weekly Grade

This wasn't a fantasy football matchup, this was a bloody coup. #FREEBRADY (5-2, 789.96 points) takes over of the top spot in Hit Em With The HEEEEEIINNNN!! by edging bull39's Team (4-3, 936.52 points) 119.62 to 117.08. #FREEBRADY overcame a 33.58-point projected spread to pull off the upset. They were led by Matt Forte who got 29.40 points while Andrew Luck scored 27.82. This was a matchup that could have gone either way, with the 2.54-point margin of victory being the third-smallest recorded in the league this season. For bull39's Team, Tom Brady and Mark Ingram played the roles of Maverick and Goose, scoring 18.18 and 16.20 points, respectively. With #FREEBRADY delivering goose eggs from two of their starters, the outcome could have been worse.

Top Players

    • Matt Forte
    • 29.40
    • Andrew Luck
    • 27.82
    • Rob Gronkowski
    • 19.30
    • Tom Brady
    • 18.18

Smooth Moves by #FREEBRADY

  • Fantasy Football is a game where the high score wins. So keep doing what you have to do, the Toyota Hall of Fame will turn a blind eye.
  • Andrew Luck ranked seventh in the league in scoring with 27.82 points against a projected 19.06 and has now overachieved in three straight games.
  • The 14.00 points by Justin Tucker was the league-high for a K this week.
  • Matt Forte brought in 29.40 points, which was good enough to rank fourth in the league in scoring this week and fifth-best of any player on #FREEBRADY this season.
  • Rob Gronkowski had the second-highest TE score in the league this week with 19.30 points.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Don't worry, bull39's Team, the Toyota Hall of Fame says losing isn't contagious. But it is embarrassing. And you should be embarrassed.
  • A heated blanket would be a great gift for Stephen Gostkowski during this cold streak. He scored below his projection in four straight games after scoring 3.00 points against a projected 10.64 this week.
  • bull39's Team fell short at the K position, getting outscored 14.00 - 3.00 by #FREEBRADY.
  • Who needs offense when the defense is so dominant!? bull39's Team got outscored 11.00 - 3.00 by #FREEBRADY at the DEF position.
  • The 3.00 points scored by the New England Patriots Defense was a season-low for both scoring and for their performance against projections. They reached only 34.4% of their 8.73 projected points this week.

What If

  • #FREEBRADY would be 2-5 if they played bull39's Team every week.
  • Besides bull39's Team, #FREEBRADY would have defeated three other teams this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, #FREEBRADY would have defeated bull39's Team 128.48 - 114.84.
  • #FREEBRADY would be 2-4 if they played the same schedule as bull39's Team.
  • #FREEBRADY would be 21-42 if they played every team every week.
  • bull39's Team would have lost to five other teams besides #FREEBRADY this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as #FREEBRADY, bull39's Team would be 4-2.
  • If they played every team every week, bull39's Team would be 38-25.

Game Notes

  • The top players for #FREEBRADY were elite in the matchup, as three of their starters outperformed the leading scorer for bull39's Team.
  • The margin of victory of 2.54 points was the smallest in the league this week.
  • Not going to name names, but some people here aren't pulling their weight. Forget it, Tyler Lockett needs to step it up! He scored 3.30 points against a projected 9.06 in the win, and has now scored below his projection in four straight games.
  • Just because Robert Horry has seven NBA championship rings, doesn't mean he's one of the greats. Despite being on the winning team, DeSean Jackson scored 8.50 points against a projected 12.42 and has now underachieved in four straight games.
  • #FREEBRADY stays undefeated in close games this season at 2-0.
  • bull39's Team falls to 2-2 in close games this season.
  • The WRs from #FREEBRADY scored the fewest points of any team in the league this week, with only 18.10 points.
  • #FREEBRADY got 100.0% of their points from players they drafted.
bull39's Team
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Fantasy MasterpiecesWeek 7

Shannon Sharpe Den - TE 2002 vs. Kansas City 12 Catches, 214 yards, 2 touchdowns In a career that included eight Pro Bowls and a seven top 2 finishes at the TE position in fantasy scoring, Sharpe was never better than his 214-yard, two-TD performance against the division-rival Chiefs in Week 7 of 2002.

In fact, no tight end has ever had a better week since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. Sharpe still stands as the only tight end to tally 200-plus receiving yards in a game and his PPR-popping 12 catches is a total that has only been reached 17 times by a TE since the merger.
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