2nd Round Kickers Scrapes By Sess Chimps

Week 2

  • 2nd Round Kickers
  • 148.68 pts, 1-1
  • Weekly Grade
  • Sess Chimps
  • 141.6 pts, 1-1
  • Weekly Grade

Tom Brady, whose 43.78 points were the highest point total by a player this week, carried 2nd Round Kickers past Sess Chimps 148.68 to 141.60. It was extremely close, and the 7.08-point margin of victory was the second-smallest recorded in the league this season. Sess Chimps couldn't capitalize on an improvement in scoring compared to last week's 113.24 to 113.22 win against DaddyLongStroke. 2nd Round Kickers (1-1, 240.36 points) shifts into seventh place and Sess Chimps (1-1, 254.84 points) goes to third place.

Top Players

    • Tom Brady
    • 43.78
    • Derek Carr
    • 27.20
    • Rob Gronkowski
    • 26.60
    • Davante Adams
    • 23.90

Smooth Moves by 2nd Round Kickers

  • 2nd Round Kickers, your competitive drive brought home the victory (with some help from professional athletes). That drive could take you all the way to the Toyota Hall of Fame.
  • Tom Brady is making an early push for League MVP with a league-leading 43.78 points this week.
  • Made the right move in benching Zay Jones, who had 3.80 points, the lowest total of any starting WR on 2nd Round Kickers.
  • There are rumors that the military wants to model a new all-terrain vehicle based off of Jay Ajayi. He had the ninth-highest score among RBs in the league this week with 17.60 points.
  • Ryan Succop scored 15.00 points and beat his scoring projection by 88.0%, which led the matchup.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Loss is a four-letter word to Toyota Hall of Famers. And win is a three-letter word. Hall of Famers are great at Fantasy Football AND counting.
  • You wish you had a kicker like ours. 2nd Round Kickers won the K position battle, beating Sess Chimps 15.00 - 7.00.
  • Sess Chimps had only 5 of their 10 starters underperform versus their projections, but they still lost.
  • The 7.60 points scored by Odell Beckham Jr. was just 45.0% of his 16.89-point projection.
  • Ezekiel Elliott had the fewest points of any starter on the team with 6.20 points.

What If

  • If 2nd Round Kickers played Sess Chimps every week, they would be 1-1 this season.
  • 2nd Round Kickers would have beaten six other teams besides Sess Chimps this week.
  • If 2nd Round Kickers had played every team in the league each week, they would be 8-10.
  • Sess Chimps would have lost to just two other teams besides 2nd Round Kickers this week.
  • And they say procrastination doesn't pay off! Had they played each other last week, 2nd Round Kickers would have lost to Sess Chimps 113.24 - 91.68.
  • If they played every team every week, Sess Chimps would be 9-9.

Game Notes

  • At 7.08 points, the margin of victory was the tightest of the week.
  • Remember when they needed to remind Forrest Gump to STOP? Well, they may need to remind this group of runnings backs to GO. With 18.90 points, Sess Chimps got the lowest combined scoring output from the RB position for any team this week.
  • The score put up by Sess Chimps was the largest among losing teams in the league this week.
  • Sess Chimps lost, but Derek Carr played well, scoring 27.20 points to rank seventh in the league in scoring.
  • Rob Gronkowski did what he could in the loss for Sess Chimps. He scored 26.60 points, the eighth-highest score in the league this week.
  • Davante Adams was on the losing team, but still had the third-highest score of any WR in the league this week with 23.90 points.
  • Although Sess Chimps lost, Jacquizz Rodgers played well, bringing in 22.7% more points than was projected (12.70 points against a projected 10.35).
  • No it's okay, you don't have to get up and help us out. Despite being on the winning team, Larry Fitzgerald scored only 5.10 points against his projected 17.27.
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Sess Chimps
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