Cam You Dig It? Gets Thrilling Late Stunner over Dook City Defecators, Bounces Them Out of First

Week 11

  • Cam You Dig It?
  • 278.6 pts, 7-4
  • Weekly Grade
  • Dook City Defecators
  • 272.75 pts, 7-4
  • Weekly Grade

Cam You Dig It? (fifth place, 7-4, 2,554.51 points) knocks Dook City Defecators (7-4, 2,818.61 points) out of the top spot in the league after edging them 278.60 to 272.75. Beating a 44.17-point spread, they overcame an 86.65-point deficit on Monday night, and came away with the highest point total in the league this week. Even though the teams are tied for fifth place with matching 7-4 records, Dook City Defecators has a distinct advantage in points, 2,818.61 to 2,554.51. Cam You Dig It? has become a very tough matchup after winning their last five. Finally, both teams earned a playoff berth this week.

Top Players

    • Russell Wilson
    • 80.05
    • Carson Wentz
    • 47.00
    • Keenan Allen
    • 46.95
    • Lamar Miller
    • 36.80

Smooth Moves by Cam You Dig It?

  • Congrats, Cam You Dig It?. You outscored your opponent. Next up: outperforming all other Fantasy Football players to get into the Toyota Hall of Fame.
  • Russell Wilson put on one of the season's standout performances with 80.05 points this week. It was the week's highest point total, as well as the fifth-most points scored this season.
  • The 24.30 points scored by Jimmy Graham was the top TE score in the league this week.
  • With 36.80 points, Lamar Miller ranked second in scoring among all RBs in the league this week.
  • Alshon Jeffery scored 20.70 points, the ninth-highest WR score in the league this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Well, that's embarrassing. Left Matthew Stafford on the bench, where he ranked seventh in the league in scoring with 53.48 points.
  • Life, like Fantasy Football, is full of wins and losses. The Toyota Hall of Fame, however, is pretty much only full of wins.
  • With 7.70 points, Golden Tate was last on the team in scoring and got only 38.4% of his 20.04 projected points, his lowest percentage of the season.
  • Who needs offense when the defense is so dominant!? Dook City Defecators got outscored 25.20 - 11.85 by Cam You Dig It? at the DEF position.
  • The 14.00 points scored by Bobby Wagner was a season-low for both scoring and for his performance against projections. He reached only 88.7% of his 15.78 projected points this week.

What If

  • Cam You Dig It? would be 4-7 if they played Dook City Defecators every week.
  • Cam You Dig It? would've been undefeated if they played every team in the league this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Dook City Defecators, Cam You Dig It? would be 5-5.
  • If Cam You Dig It? had played every team in the league each week, they would be 71-50.
  • Dook City Defecators would have beaten every other team in the league besides Cam You Dig It? this week.
  • Timing really is everything. Cam You Dig It? would have lost to Dook City Defecators 224.80 - 220.12 had they played each other last week.
  • Dook City Defecators would be 10-0 if they played the same schedule as Cam You Dig It?.
  • If they played every team every week, Dook City Defecators would be 93-28.

Game Notes

  • Three of the seven wins for Cam You Dig It? this season have come despite their opponent scoring higher than their season average.
  • Three of the four losses for Dook City Defecators this season have come when their opponent had their highest-scoring week of the season.
  • This matchup featured the two highest-scoring teams in the league this week.
  • It was a tough loss for Dook City Defecators, which put up the second-biggest score for a losing team in the league this season.
  • Cam You Dig It? is on the longest active win streak in the league, winning five straight games.
  • The WRs on Dook City Defecators collectively had their best week of the season with 54.65 points.
  • The margin of victory of 5.85 points was the smallest in the league this week.
  • Dook City Defecators saw their three-game win streak come to an end.
Cam You Dig It?
Dook City Defecators
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