Billfest 2.0 (ID# 718969)

Boib's Team Spanks The Tax Collector, Makes Early-Season Statement

Week 2

  • Boib's Team
  • 49.46 pts, 1-1
  • Weekly Grade
  • The Tax Collector
  • 12.5 pts, 0-2
  • Weekly Grade

Boib's Team got 20.56 points from Blake Bortles and 18.00 from Graham Gano, stomping The Tax Collector 49.46 to 12.50. This is the kind of victory the grandchildren will hear about. The 36.96-point margin of victory was the fifth-highest recorded in the league this season. The Tax Collector was coming off a 44.80 to 7.10 loss against Giant Fiery Chipmunk and saw their scoring improve dramatically this week. Adding insult to injury, The Tax Collector had a starter score zero points (Robbie Gould). Boib's Team (1-1, 111.96 points) moves into 13th place while The Tax Collector (0-2, 19.60 points) stays in last place.

Top Players

    • Blake Bortles
    • 20.56
    • Graham Gano
    • 18.00
    • Jacob Tamme
    • 13.50
    • Washington Redskins Defense
    • 6.00

Smooth Moves by Boib's Team

  • A higher score than your opponent is a guaranteed way to win each week. Thank the Toyota Hall of Fame for that valuable insight.
  • The 18.00 points by Graham Gano was the league-high for a K this week.
  • Did you use any black magic this week? Boib's Team was still able to pull out a win with only 2 of their 5 starters exceeding their projected points.
  • Boib's Team got the win, even though neither RB reached his projected point total.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • The fact that you're reading this means you have internet connection. Unfortunately, that's one less thing to blame your loss on. Don't tell the Hall.
  • Well, that's embarrassing. Left Ryan Tannehill on the bench, where he ranked fifth in the league in scoring with 25.06 points.
  • Missed out on an opportunity by leaving the 22.40 points scored by Corey Coleman on the bench this week. He outperformed his projected point total by 201.4%, the 10th-highest percentage in the league.
  • Had a chance to start Brandon McManus, who outdid his scoring projection of 7.86 points by scoring 15.00 points.
  • The Oakland Raiders Defense had the lowest score in the league this week with -1.00 point.

What If

  • If Boib's Team played The Tax Collector every week, they'd be 2-0 this year.
  • Boib's Team would have beaten only one other team besides The Tax Collector this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Boib's Team would have defeated The Tax Collector 62.50 - 7.10.
  • If Boib's Team had played every team in the league each week, they would be 6-28.
  • The Tax Collector would have lost to 15 other teams besides Boib's Team this week.
  • If they played every team every week, The Tax Collector would be 1-33.

Game Notes

  • Both of the losses this season for The Tax Collector have been blowout losses.
  • Boib's Team had two starters score more points than the highest-scoring starter for The Tax Collector.
  • Boib's Team didn't quite meet expectations in the win, recording 82.0% of their projected 60.35, while The Tax Collector performed better than expected, beating their 12.06-point projection by 3.6%.
  • Boib's Team had the lowest winning score in the league this week with 49.46 points.
  • The margin of victory was the fourth-largest in the league this week.
  • The Tax Collector scored 12.50 points, ranking them 17th in the league in scoring.
  • All was not bad for The Tax Collector in the loss, as Jacob Tamme scored 13.50 points, the fourth-highest score for a TE in the league this week.
  • Adrian Peterson did not contribute much to the win by Boib's Team. He only scored 2.60 points of a projected 13.75.
Boib's Team
The Tax Collector
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