hunter's Team Gets Victory Against Da Boyz

Week 3

  • hunter's Team
  • 136.96 pts, 2-1
  • Weekly Grade
  • Da Boyz
  • 118.96 pts, 2-1
  • Weekly Grade

hunter's Team (fifth place, 2-1, 429.80 points) proves they are better than their record, booting Da Boyz (2-1, 441.16 points) out of the top spot after beating them 136.96 to 118.96. Carlos Hyde registered 24.40 points and Jameis Winston scored 19.52. Each team fell short of expectations, but hunter's Team managed to score 82.0% of a projected 167.04 points for the win. Free fallin' like Tom Petty, Da Boyz suffered a significant drop in scoring from last week's 167.58 to 148.00 win against Soon to be 0-3.

Top Players

    • Todd Gurley II
    • 37.90
    • Carlos Hyde
    • 24.40
    • Jameis Winston
    • 19.52
    • Alex Smith
    • 19.10

Smooth Moves by hunter's Team

  • hunter's Team, your competitive drive brought home the victory (with some help from professional athletes). That drive could take you all the way to the Toyota Hall of Fame.
  • Carlos Hyde scored 24.40 points, which ranked sixth out of all the RBs in the league this week.
  • The 19.52 points scored by Jameis Winston were a season-high.
  • The 10.00 points were a season-high for Harrison Smith. The score beat his 6.45-point projection by 55.0%, which also was a season-high.
  • In scoring 8.50 points, Landon Collins put up his largest point total of the year.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Dear, Da Boyz: Sorry to hear you lost. Toyota Hall of Famers don't really know how that feels, but surely it can't feel great. Next week, just win.
  • Did not start Ted Ginn Jr., who underachieved but still scored more than any WR on the team with 15.10 points against a projected 15.99.
  • Da Boyz picked up Rashard Higgins, who then fell short of his 11.04-point projection by scoring 3.00 points.
  • The Seattle Seahawks Defense had the lowest point total in the matchup with -1.00 point.
  • It was a poor performance for Da Boyz at WR, where they were outdone by hunter's Team 46.20 - 13.80.

What If

  • If hunter's Team played Da Boyz every week, they'd be 1-2 this year.
  • hunter's Team would have beaten three other teams besides Da Boyz this week.
  • hunter's Team would be 2-0 if they played the same schedule as Da Boyz.
  • hunter's Team would be 15-12 if they played every team every week.
  • Besides hunter's Team, Da Boyz would have been defeated by seven other teams this week.
  • Timing really is everything. hunter's Team would have lost to Da Boyz 167.58 - 163.48 had they played each other last week.
  • If they played the same schedule as hunter's Team, Da Boyz would be 2-0.
  • If they played every team every week, Da Boyz would be 19-8.

Game Notes

  • Justin Tucker had a season-low 1.00 point against a projected 10.30 in the win and has now scored below his projection in every game this season.
  • hunter's Team has underachieved every week this season, scoring 136.96 points against a projected 167.04 this week.
  • Julio Jones scored 16.10 points against a projected 21.64 in the win and has now scored below his projection in every game this season.
  • The New England Patriots Defense scored 6.00 points against a projected 9.97 in the win and has now scored below their projection in every game this season.
  • Despite being on the winning team, Paul Perkins scored 5.00 points against a projected 8.19 and has now underachieved in every game this season.
  • At 18.00 points, the margin of victory was the tightest of the week.
  • With 13.80 points, Da Boyz got the lowest combined scoring output from the WR position for any team this week.
  • Da Boyz ranked ninth in the league in scoring this week.
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Da Boyz
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