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Bombers Beats Zachary's Cool Team

Week 7

  • Bombers
  • 75.2 pts, 4-3
  • Weekly Grade
  • Zachary's Cool Team
  • 53.5 pts, 2-5
  • Weekly Grade

Zachary's Cool Team must have done something to anger the Fantasy Gods this week, as they lost to Bombers 75.20 to 53.50. While each team failed to hit their projections, Bombers scored 95.7% of a projected 78.56 points to get the win. For Zachary's Cool Team, Latavius Murray and Rob Gronkowski played the roles of Maverick and Goose, scoring 18.30 and 15.30 points, respectively. Adding insult to injury, Zachary's Cool Team had three starters put up zeros. Bombers (4-3, 608.82 points) remains in fifth place and Zachary's Cool Team (2-5, 495.60 points) stays down in ninth place.

Top Players

    • Latavius Murray
    • 18.30
    • Rob Gronkowski
    • 15.30
    • Le'Veon Bell
    • 14.90
    • Devonta Freeman
    • 10.00

Smooth Moves by Bombers

  • If this were a dream sequence, you'd hear a deep voice announce, "Bombers, the Toyota Hall of Famer." But it's not.
  • There are rumors that the military wants to model a new all-terrain vehicle based off of Le'Veon Bell. He had the 10th-highest score among RBs in the league this week with 14.90 points.
  • With 8.70 points, Ryan Fitzpatrick beat his 0.24 projected point total by a league-leading 3,487.6%.
  • Did you use any black magic this week? Bombers was still able to pull out a win with only 4 of their 9 starters exceeding their projected points.
  • The 9.00 points scored by Brandon McManus outpaced his 7.39-point scoring projection by 21.8%.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • It's okay to regret not taking a sick day to study the Toyota Hall of Fame's articles. But it's not okay to do it again.
  • Did not start Tyrod Taylor, who led the matchup in scoring with 24.34 points.
  • Allen Robinson was last in the matchup in scoring and achieved only 6.9% of his projected point total, his lowest percentage of the season.
  • Zachary's Cool Team had 3 of their 9 starters score zero points.
  • Zachary's Cool Team would have welcomed more points at WR, where Bombers topped them 25.40 - 2.90.

What If

  • Bombers would be 6-1 if they played Zachary's Cool Team every week.
  • Besides Zachary's Cool Team, Bombers would have defeated three other teams this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Bombers would have defeated Zachary's Cool Team 68.86 - 55.46.
  • If they played the same schedule as Zachary's Cool Team, Bombers would be 3-3.
  • If Bombers had played every team in the league each week, they would be 30-33.
  • Zachary's Cool Team would have been beaten by every other team in the league this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Bombers, Zachary's Cool Team would be 3-3.
  • Zachary's Cool Team would be 14-49 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • Even though Zachary's Cool Team lost, they had two players score higher than the leading scorer for Bombers.
  • Look here. We're gonna put any recollection of this week in a box, we're gonna lock it up, and we're gonna toss that thing in the ocean. Zachary's Cool Team was last in the league in scoring and had their lowest score of the season with 53.50 points.
  • Bombers had their lowest winning score of the season with 75.20 points.
  • Zachary's Cool Team got their lowest combined scoring output from the WR position this season with only 2.90 points this week.
  • Just because Robert Horry has seven NBA championship rings, doesn't mean he's one of the greats. Despite being on the winning team, Todd Gurley scored 9.20 points against a projected 13.18 and has now underachieved in four straight games.
  • Not going to name names, but some people here aren't pulling their weight. Forget it, Dennis Pitta needs to step it up! He scored 4.00 points against a projected 7.87 in the win, and has now scored below his projection in five straight games.
  • Bombers underachieved in the win, improving to 1-3 when failing to reach their projected points this season, while Zachary's Cool Team falls to 1-5 when scoring below their projected points.
  • The margin of victory was the second-largest in the league this week.
Zachary's Cool Team
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