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  • 8th Place 4-9-0
  • Total Points 1,399.00
  • Points/Week 107.62
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517 ( 1 During the 2019 Season)

Season Story

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Draft Grade


Weekly Performance


Projection and Final Standing



Draft Grade

Your season kicked off with the draft and a draft grade based on the projected performance of the players you selected. We have regraded your draft, measuring it now with actual, season-based performance. Your projected grade was B. How does your actual draft grade compare?

Draft Strategy

The chart below illustrates how positions were valued in the draft by each team. It measures the weighted distribution of draft picks. Positions that were drafted earlier and more often are valued more highly. The taller the bar in the chart the more a position is valued. You can mouse over the bar to see what percent of draft resources was used on each position. What position did you value most?

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Your Top Draft Picks

Nick Chubb
James Conner
Mike Evans

Weekly Performance

Every week of the season you received a grade on your team’s fantasy performance. This chart depicts your grades over every week. The average of these grades is your weekly performance grade for the season.

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Projected and Final Standings

So where do you stack up against your league mates? In this graph we compare your post-draft projection with how you finished in your league.

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