All- Milio Delivers Unexpected Beatdown to Squatty Buttcheeks for Third in a Row

Week 11

  • All- Milio
  • 143.86 pts, 8-3
  • Weekly Grade
  • Squatty Buttcheeks
  • 93.3 pts, 2-9
  • Weekly Grade

Not only did All- Milio keep their momentum alive, but they did so in a decisive fashion. They were the second-highest point total this season, which aided them to their third consecutive win after they trashed Squatty Buttcheeks 143.86 to 93.30. The streak is the result of a run of some high scoring by All- Milio, who owns the fourth-highest overall point total in the league this season. Furthermore, during this run, they're averaging 130.98 points per matchup, 123.6% of their norm. Squatty Buttcheeks goes to 2-9 and remains in 11th place. All- Milio is in third place having also recently defeated Plante's Pigskinners (142.94 to 100.62) and Charmeldeion Sanders (106.14 to 89.36).

Top Players

    • Ben Roethlisberger
    • 28.96
    • Latavius Murray
    • 22.10
    • Jordan Howard
    • 21.50
    • Larry Fitzgerald
    • 19.60

Smooth Moves by All- Milio

  • A win like that is a great first step, All- Milio. A baby step toward the ultimate achievement: becoming a Toyota Hall of Famer.
  • The 28.96 points scored by Ben Roethlisberger ranked sixth in the league in scoring this week and third for any player on All- Milio this season.
  • With 19.10 points, Samaje Perine, who All- Milio picked up this week, beat his 7.92-point projection by 141.2%.
  • All- Milio had 7 of their 9 starters exceed their projected points.
  • The 22.10 points scored by Latavius Murray was the fourth-highest score of any RB in the league this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • After any loss, it's good to reflect on the choices you've made. One you'll never regret is being a Toyota Hall of Famer.
  • Should've started Eli Manning, who underachieved, but still outscored the starting QB with 8.70 against a projected 13.22.
  • Evan Engram was last in the matchup in scoring with 1.40 points against a projected 12.63 and underachieved for the third time this season.
  • Squatty Buttcheeks needed more points from the QB position, where All- Milio beat them 28.96 - 1.80.
  • You've gotta hit rock bottom before you can start to rise. It was a season-low 1.80 points for Dak Prescott this week. It was also a season-low for his performance versus projections, reaching only 8.3% of a projected point total of 21.75.

What If

  • All- Milio would be 6-5 if they played Squatty Buttcheeks every week.
  • All- Milio would have been undefeated if they played every team in the league this week.
  • All- Milio would be 5-5 if they played the same schedule as Squatty Buttcheeks.
  • If All- Milio had played every team in the league each week, they would be 70-51.
  • Squatty Buttcheeks would have lost to eight other teams besides All- Milio this week.
  • Timing really is everything. All- Milio would have lost to Squatty Buttcheeks 120.04 - 106.14 had they played each other last week.
  • Squatty Buttcheeks would be 3-7 if they played the same schedule as All- Milio.
  • Squatty Buttcheeks would be 40-81 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • All- Milio has won four times this year when their opponent scored higher than their season average.
  • Five of the nine losses for Squatty Buttcheeks this season have come when their opponent had their highest-scoring week of the season.
  • Squatty Buttcheeks has the longest current losing streak in the league, having lost six straight games.
  • All- Milio scored 143.86 points, the highest in the league this week and second-highest in the league this season.
  • All- Milio topped their point expectations for the sixth week in a row. They have now overperformed versus projections for the seventh time.
  • The margin of victory of 50.56 points was the biggest of the season for All- Milio and eighth-largest in the league this season.
  • This must be how Jay Leno feels with a garage full of high-performance cars. All- Milio got a combined 41.20 points from their RBs, their highest combined scoring output from the RB position this season.
  • Two of the starters for All- Milio scored higher than the leading scorer for Squatty Buttcheeks.
All- Milio
Squatty Buttcheeks
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