Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo B.A.M.--hidden----hidden--107 0 Fri Sep 24 10:57am PDT
logo Be there--hidden----hidden--72 0 Thu Sep 23 2:24pm PDT
logo Chinese Bandits--hidden----hidden--96 0 Sun Sep 26 5:59pm PDT
logo Dirty Gunslinger--hidden----hidden--20 0 Thu Sep 23 5:11pm PDT
logo Europe's finest--hidden----hidden--116 0 Thu Sep 23 11:26pm PDT
logo Guts--hidden----hidden--13 0 Sun Sep 26 8:58am PDT
logo Inallthetime--hidden----hidden--121 0 Sun Sep 26 8:45am PDT
logo LasVegasVaders 👾--hidden----hidden--40 0 Mon Apr 26 11:28am PDT
logo Space Monkey Mafia--hidden----hidden--62 0 Sat Sep 25 10:47am PDT
logo St.louis 2--hidden----hidden--50 0 Wed Sep 15 5:08pm PDT
logo The Hammer--hidden----hidden--33 0 Fri Sep 24 1:19pm PDT
logo YUP--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--86 0 Thu Sep 23 4:43pm PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner
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