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  Seinfeld Aficionados¬≤ No Soup For You! Straight 391 Join
  Pop's Yahoo's #1 Fantasy Group........... Straight 265 Join
  BOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL! Bowl Time! Straight 182 Join
Florida  BowlMania2016 It's Bowl Season! Straight 176 Join
Florida  SEC2016 SEC Rules! Straight 172 Join
  Budweiser SportsLine Contest john and barry welcome you in! Straight 125 Join
  Chad's College Pick 'em just pick 'em Straight 116 Join
Colorado  Pac 12 Bowl Domination Pac 12 Fans Straight 72 Join
  Cream of the Crop Bowl Pickem' Straight 72 Join
  College Football Bowl Madness having fun Straight 52 Join
USC  Seinfeld Aficionados III Fake! Fake! Fake! Straight 51 Join
Florida  FloridaGators2016 Go Florida Gators! Straight 48 Join
Georgia  Scenic City Bowl Pick 'Em 2016 Straight 46 Join
Oregon  Anybody know where Clemson is? quack quack!!! Straight 43 Join
Kansas St.  The Salute K-State fans... We salute you. Straight 41 Join
Oregon  College football bowl league Who will win this years college playoff? Straight 39 Join
Michigan  Gary's annual Pool Another Reason to Gamble- College Style! Straight 36 Join
Vanderbilt  Vanderbilt Commodores 'Dores Open Straight 32 Join
  Pennsylvania Fun People have fun but win it! Straight 32 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados Bowl Get out! Straight 29 Join
  The Numb Nuts C'mon You Know Who You Are Straight 28 Join
Miami (FL)  Kyle's U Group Its all about the U Straight 27 Join
  B1G Sports Trash Talk Fuck yo team Straight 25 Join
UNLV  Dorkdom Dorkdom of Dorks Straight 23 Join
Florida  FloridaFootball2016 Florida Football Fan! Straight 23 Join
  Seinfeld Aficionados Get Out! Straight 21 Join
  College Bowl Pick'em 16 $$$ $25 buy in min top 3 win more details on home page Straight 21 Join
  Playoff is HERE - sorta Straight 21 Join
Houston For Houston Cougars Fans & CougarsDen Subscribers Straight 20 Join
  College Bowl Pick's 2016 Straight 19 Join
Auburn  SEC Football The BEST Conference Straight 18 Join
Rutgers  1_ Knight Greener Grass Straight 17 Join
Michigan  Classic Rocker Fantasy Leagues Straight 17 Join
Texas A&M  RadioFreeTexas I'd rather be a fencepost in Texas than the King of Tennesse Straight 16 Join
UCLA  UCLA Bruin the Best Stuff Straight 16 Join
LSU  Kim's College Bowl Games Straight 16 Join
  College Bowls Straight 16 Join
Florida  TheFloridaGroup Fans from Florida! Straight 15 Join
  College bowlarama Bowlin Bowlin Bowlin Straight 15 Join
Alabama  Rock n Roll Bowl Canada HAD a Hammer Straight 15 Join
  Blaney's Splendid Group Friends and family Straight 14 Join
  2016 Football Toby Pick'em Welcome Back, Toby Straight 13 Join
Pittsburgh  The NCS Bowl Pick'em Game Straight 13 Join
  FEI Nashville Bowl Madness Straight 13 Join
Navy  Collegiate Conquistadors 2016 Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful Straight 12 Join
  OLD TIMER'S Straight 12 Join
Texas A&M  Mr Clark's APHG Classes Sometimes you have to have a little fun while you learn. Straight 12 Join
  Kirksville Group Go Mizzou Straight 12 Join

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