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Fantasy Football 2013


Date Player Type From To By
Dec 21 12:25pmAddFree AgentsColt of Personality--hidden--
Dec 21 12:24pmAddFree AgentsColt of Personality--hidden--
Dec 18 2:50amAddWaiversBaer Necessities--hidden--
Dec 15 4:46amAddFree AgentsU Aint scared of me--hidden--
Dec 7 2:20amAddWaiversStuart's Team--hidden--
Dec 5 2:31pmAddFree AgentsU Aint scared of me--hidden--
Dec 5 1:33pmAddFree AgentsColt of Personality--hidden--
Dec 4 1:09pmAddFree AgentsBaer Necessities--hidden--
Dec 4 1:27amAddWaiversReggie Tales--hidden--
Dec 4 1:27amAddWaiversColt of Personality--hidden--
Dec 4 1:27amAddWaiversReggie Tales--hidden--
Nov 28 6:20amAddFree AgentsStatistical Anomaly--hidden--
Nov 27 6:12pmAddFree AgentsReggie Tales--hidden--
Nov 27 6:08pmAddFree AgentsReggie Tales--hidden--
Nov 27 1:51amAddWaiversReggie Tales--hidden--
Nov 27 1:51amAddWaiversReggie Tales--hidden--
Nov 21 7:39pmAddFree AgentsBaer Necessities--hidden--
Nov 21 2:37pmAddFree AgentsStatistical Anomaly--hidden--
Nov 20 6:40pmAddFree AgentsCurtis Painter--hidden--
Nov 20 12:17pmAddFree AgentsColt of Personality--hidden--
Nov 20 7:35amAddFree AgentsStuart's Team--hidden--
Nov 20 2:24amAddWaiversReggie Tales--hidden--
Nov 20 2:24amAddWaiversBaer Necessities--hidden--
Nov 20 2:24amAddWaiversColt of Personality--hidden--
Nov 20 2:24amAddWaiversReggie Tales--hidden--