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Led by a Pair of Buccaneers, El Chupacabras Will Battle Every Week

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El Chupacabras turned a solid draft slot (No. 2 overall) into a modest performance. After picking up multiple Buccaneers in the early rounds (Chris Godwin and Ronald Jones II), El Chupacabras are projected to finish 6-7 (1,602 points), which would place them 6th in Hiawatha Elite League.

  • Jalen Reagor

Best Pick: What a late-round value for El Chupacabras, who got Reagor at No. 143, about 17 picks later than his ADP of 126. Reagor is projected to score 141 fantasy points with the Eagles, making him a valuable No. 4 WR for this squad.

  • Ronald Jones II

Going out on a Limb: Are you friends with Denzel Washington? Because you must have had an "Inside Man" telling you to draft Jones II at No. 50, about three rounds earlier than his ADP of 91. Granted, perhaps you're onto something? Projected to score 146 fantasy points this season with the Buccaneers, he looks set to take a step forward from last year when he rushed for 724 yards and 6 TDs and had 31 catches for 309 yards, totaling 135 fantasy points. Based on projected points, Jones II will slot in as the No. 3 RB for El Chupacabras to begin the season.

Draft Notes

  • El Chupacabras are in for a rude awakening in Week 10 when they have four players on a bye (Matt Ryan, Michael Gallup, Younghoe Koo, and Hayden Hurst). DeKaylin Zecharius, your Week 10 opponent, won't be quite as limited with only two players (Dak Prescott and Tyreek Hill) on the sideline.

  • For the second half of the season, El Chupacabras have a tough road in Hiawatha Elite League according to projected records with a late-season strength of schedule that ranks as the most difficult. In spite of that, for the season as a whole, El Chupacabras have drawn a fairly balanced schedule ranked as the 4th hardest.

  • El Chupacabras seem to be trying to catch lightning in a bottle, assembling a squad with an average of 3.8 years of NFL experience, ranking as the 2nd-youngest group in the league. Driving home that point, they selected one rookie (Jalen Reagor). In total, there were 15 rookies selected over the course of the Hiawatha Elite League draft.

  • Despite openings on offense at QB and TE in the 5th round, El Chupacabras drafted RB Ronald Jones II with the 50th pick, filling the WR/RB flex position at the expense of a more important position.

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El Chupacabras
1. (2) Saquon Barkley
2. (23) Miles Sanders
3. (26) Chris Godwin
4. (47) DJ Chark Jr.
5. (50) Ronald Jones
6. (71) Michael Gallup
7. (74) Matt Ryan
8. (95) Marlon Mack
9. (98) Hayden Hurst
10. (119) Latavius Murray
11. (122) Boston Scott
12. (143) Jalen Reagor
13. (146) Anthony Miller
14. (167) Philadelphia
15. (170) Younghoe Koo

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