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With Some Stretches, An Easy W Might Make Playoffs but Probably Not

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Blessed with a solid draft position (No. 5 overall), expectations were high for An Easy W. But those expectations disappeared quickly after they drafted, as this team is headed for a lackluster 7th-place finish in Hiawatha Elite League. An Easy W are projected to post a record of 6-7 (1,593 points).

  • Deebo Samuel

Best Pick: What a fantastic late-round bargain for An Easy W, who selected Samuel at No. 125, about three rounds later than his ADP of 92. Following a rookie season in which he recorded 57 receptions for 802 yards and 3 TDs, totaling 132 fantasy points, Samuel is projected to score 175 fantasy points with the 49ers. That makes him a valuable No. 1 WR for this squad.

  • Emmanuel Sanders

Going out on a Limb: You must have gotten distracted, right? This had to be an autopick. There's no other explanation for selecting Sanders in the 5th round, about five rounds earlier than his ADP of 120. Projected to score 92 fantasy points this season with the Saints, he will need to outperform expectations to improve upon last year when he had 66 catches for 869 yards and 5 TDs to earn 124 fantasy points. Based on projections, Sanders will slot in as the No. 5 WR for An Easy W to begin the season.

Draft Notes

  • Patience is a virtue. You became the last manager in the league to draft a wide receiver with your selection of Emmanuel Sanders (No. 53 overall).

  • An Easy W will live and die with the Packers this season, as the selections of Aaron Rodgers, Allen Lazard, Jamaal Williams, and Mason Crosby give them four players from Green Bay, more than any other team in Hiawatha Elite League. League-wide, the most popular team was the Cowboys, as eight of them were selected in the draft.

  • With a first-half strength of schedule that rates as the easiest according to projected records, An Easy W won't encounter too many obstacles early in the season in Hiawatha Elite League. Despite that, for the full season, An Easy W face a fairly balanced path rated as the 8th hardest.

  • Despite offensive openings at WR and TE in the 4th round, An Easy W selected RB Le'Veon Bell with the 44th pick, filling the WR/RB flex position instead of a more important position.

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An Easy W
1. (5) Derrick Henry
2. (20) Lamar Jackson
3. (29) Melvin Gordon III
4. (44) Le'Veon Bell
5. (53) Emmanuel Sanders
6. (68) Aaron Rodgers
7. (77) CeeDee Lamb
8. (92) Alexander Mattison
9. (101) Rob Gronkowski
10. (116) Jamison Crowder
11. (125) Deebo Samuel
12. (140) Allen Lazard
13. (149) Minnesota
14. (164) Jamaal Williams
15. (173) Mason Crosby

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