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1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Finished
logo Lucky Enuflogo Whackerslogo The Dogs of War--
Week 14: Dec 4 - Dec 10
4logo Roughnecks 114.90
5logo Soonerjack 129.75
3logo Whackers 174.30
Week 15: Dec 11 - Dec 17
1logo Lucky Enuf 126.50
5logo Soonerjack 109.30
3logo Whackers 136.50
5th Place Game
4logo Roughnecks 128.85
Week 16: Dec 18 - Dec 24
1logo Lucky Enuf 163.95
3logo Whackers 154.30
3rd Place Game
5logo Soonerjack 140.45


Week 16
Week 16 Matchups
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Recent Transactions

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C.J. Anderson Det - RB NA
Free Agent
D'Onta Foreman Cle - RB
To Free Agent
Lucky Enuf Dec 23, 11:48 am logo
D'Onta Foreman Cle - RB
Free Agent
James Washington Dal - WR NA
To Waivers
Lucky Enuf Dec 23, 8:13 am logo
Ted Ginn Jr. Chi - WR NA
Free Agent
Jeff Wilson Jr. Mia - RB
To Waivers
Whackers Dec 22, 5:50 pm logo
Eli Rogers Pit - WR NA
Free Agent
DeAndre Carter Chi - WR
To Waivers
Lucky Enuf Dec 21, 1:18 pm logo
James Washington Dal - WR NA
Free Agent
Nick Mullens Min - QB
To Waivers
Lucky Enuf Dec 20, 1:27 pm logo

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Best Draft is awarded to the team with the most projected season points based on weekly optimal starting lineups.