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Led by a Stellar WR Corps, Whackers Won't Go Down Easily

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Picking late (10th overall), Whackers did what they could with what they were given. While this team isn't a juggernaut by any means, it's a team capable of reaching the playoffs if the chips fall their way. They are expected to finish fourth in OklahomIraqis League NFC with a record of 7-6-0 (2,291 points). They went after the diva position early, using three of their first five selections on WRs Brandon Marshall (first round), Dez Bryant (second round), and Julian Edelman (fourth round). If these guys can do what they're expected to do, Whackers will benefit. They are one of the best groups of WRs in the league.

While Week 8 has the most players on bye for Whackers (six), Week 11 is actually projected to have the team's highest number of idle fantasy points. Taking a look at the entire season from start to finish, they have one of the easiest schedules. Whackers has the opportunity to close with a hot streak, as the last four games of their season are projected to be less difficult than the league average.

Draft Notes

  • Strength in Numbers

    WR is the best position for Whackers, though RB and K are also stronger-than-average.

  • Next Year, Just Show Up On Time

    The coach of Whackers must have arrived late to the draft party. After picking up the fewest projected points in the league over the draft's first half, they accumulated the most during the second half.

  • On the Rise

    Whackers hopes to break through this season, led by six players who are projected to significantly exceed their fantasy points from last season.

  • Decently Mediocre

    While the bottom half of the Whackers roster is one of the strongest in the league (projected to be No. 1), the top of the roster is among the weakest (ranked No. 14).

  • Taking Some Time to get Warmed Up

    Whackers got off to a lackluster start, winding up with the weakest projected point total in the league during the first half of the draft.

  • It's How You Finish

    Whackers must have had a motivational halftime speech, accumulating the most projected points in the league over the second half of the draft.

Player Analysis

    • B. Marshall, WR
    • Round 1, Pick 10
    Just Win, Baby

    Death, taxes, and Brandon Marshall leading fantasy teams to the playoffs and championships. After he finished among the top-10 players owned on playoff rosters (10th) and on championship rosters (10th), Whackers is hopping on the bandwagon.

    • Dez Bryant, WR
    • Round 2, Pick 19
    274 More Reasons to Appreciate Dez Bryant

    Bryant ranks eighth in the OklahomIraqis League NFC League among WRs with 274 projected fantasy points.

    • Danny Woodhead, RB
    • Round 3, Pick 38
    How Rebellious of You

    Whackers said 'no' to the tradition of fantasy drafting a RB early, waiting until the third round to pick up their first (Danny Woodhead).

    • Julian Edelman, WR
    • Round 4, Pick 47
    PPR Superhero

    Julian Edelman is expected to be a strong possession receiver this year, and his 93 projected catches rank eighth in the league.

    • M. Jones Jr., WR
    • Round 5, Pick 66
    Rethinking That One

    Marvin Jones Jr. may not justify his 66th overall draft pick if projections hold true. Currently, he is estimated to fall outside the NFL's top-30 in both yards (40th with 884) and TDs (46th with 5.5).

Best Available

Whackers has a couple positions they may look to upgrade (TE and QB), but TE is the area they'll want to focus their attention first.

    • Richard Rodgers
    • Rank 205, ADP 122

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1. (10) Brandon Marshall
2. (19) Dez Bryant
3. (38) Danny Woodhead
4. (47) Julian Edelman
5. (66) Marvin Jones Jr.
6. (75) Ryan Mathews
7. (94) Mohamed Sanu
8. (103) Antonio Gates
9. (122) Chris Hogan
10. (131) Terrance West
11. (150) Shane Vereen
12. (159) Matt Ryan
13. (178) Jesse James
14. (187) Jordan Cameron
15. (206) Alex Smith
16. (215) Los Angeles
17. (234) Dan Bailey
18. (243) Blake Bell

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