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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo 4th and Inches--hidden----hidden--426 0
logo Allie Fontana--hidden----hidden--939 0
logo eXpertLeagues Gawron--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--346 0
logo Fantasy Daddy Show--hidden----hidden--118 0
logo Fantasy FB Weekly--hidden----hidden--17 0
logo FF Tonight Farino--hidden----hidden--523 0
logo FFTonight - RC--hidden----hidden--722 0
logo Lenny's Legit Team--hidden----hidden--814 0
logo Packees--hidden----hidden--650 0
logo Pat Mayo RX--hidden----hidden--1223 0
logo RotoExperts AllinKid--hidden----hidden--1024 0
logo Show--hidden----hidden--213 0
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner