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Week 14: Dec 6 - Dec 12
4logo AMMODOG 113.25
5logo Reapers 137.30
3logo Hangovers 161.65
Week 15: Dec 13 - Dec 19
5logo Reapers 83.85
3logo Hangovers 146.10
2logo Soonerjack 159.65
5th Place Game
4logo AMMODOG 163.40
Week 16: Dec 20 - Dec 26
2logo Soonerjack 159.45
3rd Place Game
5logo Reapers 116.55
3logo Hangovers 154.10


Week 13
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Rivalry WeekRivalry Week

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Washington Was - DEF
Free Agent
Soonerjack Dec 21, 8:40 am logo
D.J. Ware TB - RB
To Waivers
Soonerjack Dec 21, 8:39 am logo
Jeremy Shockey Car - TE
Free Agent
Maurice Morris Det - RB
To Waivers
Hangovers Dec 20, 2:09 am logo
Marcel Reece Sea - RB
Free Agent
Braylon Edwards Sea - WR
To Waivers
DominationStation Dec 18, 8:58 am logo
Chris Ivory Buf - RB
Free Agent
Brandon Saine GB - RB
To Waivers
DominationStation Dec 18, 8:56 am logo

Commish Notes

  • Congratulations to the 2011 OiL playoff participants: Rogers; Bruesch, Baldwin; Duffy; Jessen and Cobb.
    Congratulations to the 2011 rivalry week winners: Baldwin; Henderson; Cobb; Duffy; Jessen; and Leal.

    Remember that the draft order is based on how well you do, so those in the consolation playoffs should still try to win as many games as possible.

    Congratulations to Henderson for winning his final six games, although he just missed the playoffs. Trovillo turned a terrible season around late, winning three of four with the final loss being by less than two points. Jessen set a new record for points in a season (under current scoring settings) while Rogers and Baldwin made the playoffs for the first time. There will be a new champion next year as the Arrogant Americans failed to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Furthermore, neither of the final two champions will repeat as 2009 champion Josh Hastings now competes exclusively in the MGL. The 2008 champion? Bruesch, who can become the first two-time champion with a win in the 2011 OiL Bowl.
    2011 also marks the first time the Americans have finished with a losing record. It is the first time that neither Pyle nor Schmidt made the playoffs, as at least one half of that great rivalry usually fares very well. Leal started 6-2 and finished 7-6, losing four of five down the stretch to miss the playoffs.
    That's all your commissioner has for now. Enjoy the playoffs.
    Co-Commissioner Duffy, do you have anything to add (other than trash talk)? Feel free.
    Dec 6 3:01 PM
  • Remember, gentlemen. This week starts the beginning of Thursday Night Football. Be sure to check your lineup to see whether any of your players have Thursday games.
    Nov 9 2:23 PM
  • Henderson had four positions either on bye or empty this week. That is ridiculous. He told me that he went out of town for the weekend and, where he is at, the Internet went out. Just a reminder to everyone: You can always contact Duffy or me to fix your lineup if you are unable to. You are not only screwing yourself here. We all depend on everyone giving 100% for the playoff picture to reflect the six best teams.
    Oct 17 4:31 PM
  • With the NFL trade deadline fast approaching, it is important to remind everyone that the DBFA trade deadline is Friday, November 4th. The ideal date would mirror the NFL deadline, but that was not an option on Yahoo. If you have any holes on your roster, move to fill them via trade soon or you'll be stuck. This has been a DBFA PSA.
    Oct 17 4:25 PM
  • Go to to see the week one DBFA standings to see where your team stacks up against not only the OiL, but the MGL as well. It's unfortunate that Rogers is 0-1 because his point output was one of the highest in the DBFA. Until he has the wins to match the points, however, he'll be in the second half of the standings.
    Sep 14 3:26 PM
  • The draft has come and gone and a new season is finally just around the corner. I think that, overall, the league drafted smarter this year than last year and I see our league becoming more and more difficult . . . which isn't bad. Competition is a good thing. Good luck to all. May the trading begin . . .
    Aug 28 3:04 PM
  • Okay, guys. It's a new year with new goals. Everyone wants to win the OiL Bowl and the accompanying Harrington Trophy (currently in your commissioner's possession). That much we know. Remember, though, that our league winner will face off against the Man's Game League champion in week 17 in the World War. The winner will be crowned DBFA Champions and will receive the Trophy of Versailles in addition to their league's trophy. So, after the first 12 weeks of the season, we will have our rivalry week. There will be much hatred and competition. The playoffs begin in week 14 and the animosity will continue. However, once the OiL Bowl is over, we need to offer our support to the OiL Champion so that he brings back the DBFA Championship to our side.

    The Commish.
    Jun 16 9:22 AM

Commish Updates

Best Draft

Best Draft is awarded to the team with the most projected season points based on weekly optimal starting lineups.