Week 13

Week 13 - Pre-Game

Current Standings
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves
*1 avatar The Hunter 10-2-0 1559.37 1161.67 W-3 16 32
*2 avatar Brady's Bunch 10-2-0 1469.83 1201.66 W-4 4 17
*3 avatar TRAFALGAR STALKERS 10-2-0 1446.21 1247.36 W-4 2 16
4 avatar Salem Satans 9-3-0 1448.85 1220.00 W-1 10 7
5 avatar Z'ville Zingaros 8-4-0 1546.04 1302.70 L-1 14 10
6 avatar Soulard Saints 8-4-0 1455.82 1282.13 W-2 18 17
7 avatar Tyrus Raymond Cobb 8-4-0 1454.54 1386.19 W-1 19 35
8 avatar Bird Dog Mash 7-5-0 1451.67 1368.29 W-1 9 8
9 avatar Guayaquil Packers 7-5-0 1260.48 1205.84 W-1 20 17
10 avatar WETUMPKA SWEETBOTTOM 6-6-0 1390.96 1372.69 L-1 12 7
11 avatar Blood Sweat & Beers 6-6-0 1243.33 1306.29 W-1 15 14
12 avatar Aim at your GA Dome 6-6-0 1208.12 1312.48 L-1 3 28
13 avatar Titans of last place 5-7-0 1238.69 1270.87 L-1 5 24
14 avatar BroadRippleBrewhahas 5-7-0 1215.82 1312.23 L-1 13 19
15 avatar Rex Ryan Lame Duck 4-8-0 1272.24 1413.67 L-4 7 15
16 avatar Super steelers 4-8-0 1103.50 1258.98 W-1 17 6
17 avatar Lemon Creek 3-9-0 1057.59 1301.95 L-1 1 13
18 avatar CATS 2-10-0 1183.57 1344.66 L-5 11 27
19 avatar Twisted Jock Strap 2-10-0 1048.57 1340.37 L-5 8 29
20 avatar Me and Harpua 0-12-0 780.65 1225.82 L-12 6 1
Last standings update: Thu Nov 27 12:20am PST
Calais Campbell Ari - DE
Free Agent
Johnny Manziel Cle - QB
To Waivers
Tyrus Raymond Cobb Nov 26, 6:17 am avatar
LaRon Landry Ind - S
Free Agent
Jaiquawn Jarrett NYJ - S
To Waivers
Tyrus Raymond Cobb Nov 26, 6:14 am avatar
Connor Barth Den - K
Free Agent
Brandon McManus Den - K
To Waivers
Tyrus Raymond Cobb Nov 26, 6:09 am avatar
Terrance West Cle - RB
Chris Ogbonnaya Car - RB
To Waivers
Guayaquil Packers Nov 26, 3:15 am avatar
Stedman Bailey StL - WR
Free Agent
Ryan Mallett Hou - QB IR
To Waivers
The Hunter Nov 24, 11:08 am avatar
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Commish Updates

  • May 30 12:26pm
    Thank you all for returning to the Small Town America Leagues. As soon as our league fills back up, the manager's list will be finalized and the draft orders set. The team that finished last year's regular season with the 9th best record will select first, 10th second and on down to 20th. Then the team who finished with the 8th best regular season record will select 13th and the team with the best record will select last. You will have until July 1st to select your (3) keepers from your current team. You do not have to select any keepers if you don't want to (or you can only select one keeper). However, the cost of a keeper is this year's draft position two draft positions higher. Therefor you cannot select any keepers drafted in the first two rounds. For example: If you want to keep a player drafted in the third round, you would have to give up your first draft position this season. If you want to keep a player drafted in the 25th round, you would have to give up your 23rd round pick this season. You are only allowed to select keepers drafted by yourself or acquired in trade. Free agent players or players picked up off waivers are not eligible to be kept. If a player acquired from a trade was not drafted or picked up on waivers or free agency, he is not an eligible keeper. Any questions can be answered by posting them on the message board. Keepers should be selected by yourself by clicking the keepers tab and ticking the box to the left of the name of your keepers and then hitting submit. Keepers are due by 7/2 with no exceptions. After 7/2, i will be approving your keepers. Make certain you follow keeper rules because you won't get a second chance to select others after the deadline. You should probably post your keepers on the Keepers Topic on our message board and i will check them out in advance. (3) Keepers will be the limit this season, we will top out with (4) keepers the following season. There is a limit of keeping a player to two times. If a player is kept a second year and then traded, that player cannot be kept by it's new team. The limit is for the player, not the manager.
    I will add to this note if anything else arises. Any questions can be answered by posting on our message board. Thanks again & good luck.

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