PJDs Entire Readership (ID# 378886)

PJDs Entire Readership

Week 3

Week 3 - Final Results

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts Pts Against
Samantha Ponder's Panties
1. avatar Naked Dudes 10-3-0 0.769 5-2-0 924 833
4. avatar The Tread Lightly's 7-5-1 0.577 3-3-1 845 799
5. avatar Ziggy Azaleas 6-6-1 0.500 4-4-0 838 857
6. avatar Cheeseheads 6-6-1 0.500 2-4-1 865 850
10. avatar Zimmer's Swear Jar 4-9-0 0.308 3-4-0 791 813
Pat Williams' Butt Thongs
2. avatar Parole Models 6-4-3 0.577 4-1-2 822 855
3. avatar Romosexual 7-5-1 0.577 4-2-1 851 810
7. avatar Bluefin Bandits 5-7-1 0.423 2-5-1 785 867
8. avatar Viktor's Weed Guy... 5-8-0 0.385 3-4-0 832 830
9. avatar Very Tight Butthole 5-8-0 0.385 3-4-0 815 854
* Current Projections are based on your current team's lineup and league settings.

Dan Carpenter Buf - K
Free Agent
John Brown Ari - WR
To Waivers
The Tread Lightly's Sep 21, 9:55 am avatar
Matt Asiata Min - RB
Free Agent
Josh Gordon Cle - WR O
To Waivers
Viktor's Weed Guy... Sep 20, 1:24 pm avatar
Jonathan Stewart Car - RB O
Free Agent
Tyler Eifert Cin - TE IR
To Waivers
Cheeseheads Sep 18, 4:04 pm avatar
James Jones Oak - WR
Free Agent
Greg Jennings Min - WR
To Waivers
Very Tight Butthole Sep 18, 12:21 pm avatar
Ahmad Bradshaw Ind - RB
Free Agent
DeAngelo Williams Car - RB Q
To Waivers
Parole Models Sep 17, 9:24 pm avatar
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Commish Updates

  • Sep 9 8:16pm

    - What is your best Ray Rice team name? Beats by Rice, Rice on Rice Crime, Rice Beater, all are acceptable.

    - Frankly, I'm a little tired of always finishing tops in this league. I supply the final prize for everyone, and I don't particularly want to keep buying shirts for myself.

    - Bluefin Bandits may or may not be actually playing in this league this year. I suppose that would explain his shitty 32 points.

    - Remember during the draft when everyone thought Naked Dudes had the greatest team this year? Well, he clearly doesn't ... I mean, he scored the second most points in the league this week at 76, and lost to a winner of 77, soo ... Well ... Shit. He still may be pretty good.

    - Anyone check out their auto-summary pieces from Yahoo!? I'm guessing they are weird and accurate.

    - Packers lose, Bears lose, Vikings win, no one cares about the Lions. A great week had by all!


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Week 3 Results
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Week 3

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