BLUECHIPS Beats Fourth and Lynches, Moves to Seventh Place

Week 4

  • 2-2
  • Weekly Grade: C
  • 108.75
  • Fourth and Lynches
  • 2-2
  • Weekly Grade: D
  • 95.04

Scoring was at a premium for both teams as BLUECHIPS (2-2, 479.47 points) logged just the ninth-highest point total in the league, managing to get past Fourth and Lynches 108.75 to 95.04. BLUECHIPS proved to be the superior team even on an off day, winning even though they got just 90.7% of their 119.87-points-per-matchup season average. The matchup was rough for Fourth and Lynches (2-2, 533.78 points), who not only lost, but also ended up dead last in the league in points. Ryan Tannehill led BLUECHIPS in scoring this week with 33.32 points.

Top Players

    • Derek Carr
    • 34.84
    • Ryan Tannehill
    • 33.32
    • Ted Ginn Jr.
    • 16.13
    • Justin Forsett
    • 15.00

Smooth Moves by BLUECHIPS

  • Miss Cleo, is that you? The 16.13 points scored by Ted Ginn Jr., who BLUECHIPS picked up this week, beat his projected point total of 12.60 by 28.0%.
  • The 33.32 points scored by Ryan Tannehill led the team, the third time that's happened this season.
  • Did you use any black magic this week? BLUECHIPS was still able to pull out a win with only 3 of their 9 starters exceeding their projected points.
  • Both of the RBs came in below their expected points and it was still a win for BLUECHIPS.
  • Even with four players not playing this week, BLUECHIPS still got the win.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • The good news is, at least we know you're trying. The bad news is, you don't seem to be any good at trying.
  • Missed an opportunity by leaving Andy Dalton on the bench. He scored 36.44 points, the ninth-highest score in the league this week.
  • Fourth and Lynches left the 22.30 points scored by Mike Wallace on the bench this week. He beat his projected point total by 126.2%, the seventh-highest percentage in the league.
  • Ty Montgomery, who Fourth and Lynches picked up this week, scored below his 12.54-point projection with 5.50 points.
  • Fourth and Lynches had 7 starters fail to reach their projections.

What If

  • If BLUECHIPS played Fourth and Lynches every week, they'd be 2-2 this season.
  • The schedule worked out for BLUECHIPS, as they would've lost to every other team in the league besides Fourth and Lynches this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Fourth and Lynches, BLUECHIPS would be 1-2.
  • BLUECHIPS would be 9-27 if they played every team every week.
  • Fourth and Lynches would have been beaten by every other team in the league this week.
  • And they say procrastination doesn't pay off! Had they played each other last week, BLUECHIPS would have lost to Fourth and Lynches 192.42 - 104.90.
  • Fourth and Lynches would be 1-2 if they played the same schedule as BLUECHIPS.
  • Fourth and Lynches would be 14-22 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • This matchup featured the two lowest-scoring teams in the league this week.
  • Fourth and Lynches scored the fewest points in the league this week and had the lowest score in the league this season.
  • The 108.75 points scored by BLUECHIPS is the lowest winning score in the league this season.
  • BLUECHIPS had their largest margin of victory so far this year at 13.71 points.
  • The WRs on Fourth and Lynches collectively had their worst week of the season with only 22.70 points.
  • After scoring 6.00 points against a projected 4.76, the Minnesota Vikings Defense has now exceeded their projection in three straight weeks.
  • BLUECHIPS is now 1-2 when failing to reach their projection and Fourth and Lynches falls to 1-2 when scoring below their projected total.
  • If I had a performance like that, I'd probably go see the local hypnotist. Despite being on the winning team, Travis Kelce scored a season-low 7.90 points, just 61.3% of a projected 12.88, his lowest percentage of the season.
Fourth and Lynches
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