MONT'S MEYHEM Tops Saved by Le'Bell to Claim League's Top Spot

Week 6

  • 5-1
  • Weekly Grade: A
  • 142.38
  • Saved by Le'Bell
  • 4-2
  • Weekly Grade: C
  • 102.76

MONT'S MEYHEM picked up their third consecutive win when they beat Saved by Le'Bell 142.38 to 102.76, recording the second-highest score this week. Since the streak started in Week 4, MONT'S MEYHEM has moved from fourth place to take the top spot. They also have the highest scoring output in the league at 133.82 points per matchup. Saved by Le'Bell falls to fourth place with a 4-2 record. MONT'S MEYHEM has now blown through yikes (111.42 to 103.44) and Hernandez Hitmen (150.72 to 142.04).

Top Players

    • Andrew Luck
    • 27.98
    • DeMarco Murray
    • 21.30
    • Demaryius Thomas
    • 21.10
    • Delanie Walker
    • 17.70

Smooth Moves by MONT'S MEYHEM

  • A very special special-teamer: The 16.00 points scored by Phil Dawson was the best K score of the week and is the fourth-highest K score in the league this season.
  • Benched Blake Bortles, who had the lowest QB score on the team with 25.94 points.
  • Was wise to sit the New England Patriots Defense this week, which had 5.00 points, the lowest DEF score on the team.
  • Quarterbacks get the blame when the team loses and the glory when the team wins. With 27.98 points, Andrew Luck had the third-highest score of any QB in the league this week and earned his praise.
  • DeMarco Murray scored 21.30 points, which ranked sixth out of all the RBs in the league this week.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Remember this moment, Saved by Le'Bell. This is the moment where you turn your team around and start managing like someone worthy of the Hall.
  • Made a mistake in not starting John Brown, who ranked seventh in the league in scoring and topped his scoring projection by 146.8%, the fourth-highest percentage in the league.
  • Curiosity killed the cat. It also killed Saved by Le'Bell this week. They acquired and started the Tennessee Titans Defense, which then finished last on the team in scoring with 6.00 points.
  • At the QB position, Saved by Le'Bell got outscored 27.98 - 8.76 by MONT'S MEYHEM.
  • With 8.76 points, Marcus Mariota had his lowest output of the season and tallied just 54.4% of his 16.09 projected points, his lowest percentage of the year.

What If

  • MONT'S MEYHEM would be 4-2 if they played Saved by Le'Bell every week.
  • MONT'S MEYHEM would have beaten seven other teams besides Saved by Le'Bell this week.
  • Were they resting their players for this week? MONT'S MEYHEM would have defeated Saved by Le'Bell 150.72 - 122.98 had they played each other last week.
  • MONT'S MEYHEM would be 5-0 if they played the same schedule as Saved by Le'Bell.
  • If MONT'S MEYHEM had played every team in the league each week, they would be 41-13.
  • Saved by Le'Bell would have lost to six other teams besides MONT'S MEYHEM this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as MONT'S MEYHEM, Saved by Le'Bell would be 4-1.
  • Saved by Le'Bell would be 31-23 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • MONT'S MEYHEM topped their point expectations for the third week in a row. They have now overperformed versus projections for the fifth time.
  • MONT'S MEYHEM won again and is on a three-game winning streak, currently the longest in the league.
  • MONT'S MEYHEM was able to cover the 12.41-point spread in the win.
  • Saved by Le'Bell had their four-game win streak snapped in the loss.
  • Saved by Le'Bell had 102.76 points, their season-low.
  • MONT'S MEYHEM had two starters score more points than the highest-scoring starter for Saved by Le'Bell.
  • Just because Robert Horry has seven NBA championship rings, doesn't mean he's one of the greats. Despite being on the winning team, Jordan Matthews scored 10.90 points against a projected 16.04 and has now underachieved in four straight games.
  • This is the biggest margin of defeat of the season for Saved by Le'Bell.
Saved by Le'Bell
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