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    Paul's Pleasant Team Pulverizes Multiple Scorgasms, Puts Them in 10th Place

    Week 7

    • Paul's Pleasant Team
    • 5-2
    • Weekly Grade: A+
    • 178.5
    • Multiple Scorgasms
    • 2-5
    • Weekly Grade: D
    • 74.8

    Paul's Pleasant Team got the second-highest point total this season and mercilessly danced on the burned-out remains of Multiple Scorgasms 178.50 to 74.80. There is the good, the bad, the ugly, and then there is this. The 103.70-point margin of victory is the highest in the league this season. Following a 146.90 to 129.30 win against Bush, Multiple Scorgasms saw their scoring fall off this week. Multiple Scorgasms (2-5, 747.80 points) sinks into last place and Paul's Pleasant Team (5-2, 952.60 points) remains in third place.

    Top Players

      • Drew Brees
      • 54.50
      • Matthew Stafford
      • 48.00
      • Demaryius Thomas
      • 40.10
      • Le'Veon Bell
      • 23.50

    Smooth Moves by Paul's Pleasant Team

    • Even the Wright brothers would be proud of this aerial performance. Demaryius Thomas had 40.10 points, the highest WR score of the week and the second-highest WR score in the league this season.
    • Not the best, but in the conversation. Matthew Stafford ranked seventh in the league in scoring this week with 48.00 points. It was also the fourth-highest score of any player on Paul's Pleasant Team this season.
    • Le'Veon Bell scored 23.50 points, which ranked second out of all the RBs in the league this week.
    • What do Apache helicopters, F-117 Nighthawks and Pierre Garcon have in common? They are all dangerous aerial weapons. He ranked fourth in the league in scoring among WRs this week with 22.70 points.
    • Rob Gronkowski had the fourth-highest TE score in the league this week with 6.80 points.

    Toyota Roster Tune-up

    • Not reading the expert articles from the Hall Of Fame. And if they did, maybe they should pay better attention when they read.
    • Multiple Scorgasms picked up Antone Smith, who then fell short of his 4.09-point projection by scoring 0.90 points.
    • 8 of the 9 starters scored less than their projected points.
    • The Seattle Seahawks Defense had the fewest points of any starter on the team and had a season-low -1.00 point.
    • Julio Jones had a season-low 5.60 points against a projected 13.90 and has now underachieved in four straight games.

    What If

    • Paul's Pleasant Team would be 5-2 if they played Multiple Scorgasms every week.
    • Paul's Pleasant Team would have beaten every other team in the league this week.
    • Paul's Pleasant Team would be 2-4 if they played the same schedule as Multiple Scorgasms.
    • Paul's Pleasant Team would be 37-26 if they played every team every week.
    • Multiple Scorgasms would have been beaten by every other team in the league this week.
    • Timing really is everything. Paul's Pleasant Team would have lost to Multiple Scorgasms 146.90 - 116.00 had they played each other last week.
    • Multiple Scorgasms would be 2-4 if they played the same schedule as Paul's Pleasant Team.
    • Multiple Scorgasms would be 18-45 if they played every team every week.

    Game Notes

    • Looks like teams bring their A game when they see them on the schedule. Of the losses Multiple Scorgasms has had, four were against opponents who topped their season scoring average that week.
    • The margin of victory of 103.70 points was the largest in the league this week and biggest in the league this season.
    • The matchup had both the highest-scoring and lowest-scoring teams in the league this week.
    • Multiple Scorgasms lost by the biggest margin of the week for the first time this season.
    • Look here. We're gonna put any recollection of this week in a box, we're gonna lock it up, and we're gonna toss that thing in the ocean. Multiple Scorgasms was last in the league in scoring and had their lowest score of the season with 74.80 points.
    • Multiple Scorgasms got a combined 3.80 points from their RBs, their lowest combined scoring output from the RB position this season.
    • The 43.90 points by the RBs on Paul's Pleasant Team was the season-high for combined points from the position.
    • Paul's Pleasant Team ups their record in blowout matchups to 2-0.
    Paul's Pleasant Team
    Multiple Scorgasms
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