'14 fantasy football league (ID# 718969)

Prestige Worldwide Snatches Win from BulletProof Bacon, Moves Up to Third Place

Week 5

  • Prestige Worldwide
  • 3-2
  • Weekly Grade: A+
  • 163.44
  • BulletProof Bacon
  • 4-1
  • Weekly Grade: B
  • 140.18

Prestige Worldwide (3-2, 687.98 points) put up the third-highest score of the season to beat BulletProof Bacon (4-1, 718.78 points) 163.44 to 140.18. A good beginning makes a good ending, and Prestige Worldwide took that to heart when they went into Sunday in front 29.94 to 1.80. That advantage slipped away like a wet bar of soap after the early Sunday games and they trailed by 75.94. Thanks to 20.00 points from Stevan Ridley, Sunday night ended with Prestige Worldwide on top, where they remained.

Top Players

    • Andrew Luck
    • 42.18
    • Demaryius Thomas
    • 38.60
    • Aaron Rodgers
    • 29.94
    • Matt Forte
    • 28.30

Smooth Moves by Prestige Worldwide

  • Julius Thomas had 21.60 points, the second-highest TE score of the week and the seventh-highest TE score in the league this season.
  • With 38.60 points, Demaryius Thomas ranked eighth in the league in scoring this week and had the fourth-highest score of any player on Prestige Worldwide this season.
  • Made the right move in benching Jerricho Cotchery, who had 6.10 points, the lowest total of any starting WR on Prestige Worldwide.
  • Stevan Ridley scored 20.00 points, which ranked eighth out of all the RBs in the league this week.
  • With 19.00 points, Rob Gronkowski ranked fourth in the league this week in scoring among TEs.

Toyota Missed Opportunities

  • BulletProof Bacon may have missed the opportunity for a win, but they gained an opportunity to be mercilessly taunted by Prestige Worldwide. 
  • Left Kendall Wright on the bench, where he scored 24.20 points and beat his projected point total by 140.6%, the eighth-highest percentage in the league this week.
  • This is how people lose everything in casinos. Prestige Worldwide thought their luck would change and went back to the well with Brandon Marshall. However, he scored 5.90 points against a projected 13.99 and has now underachieved in three straight games.
  • The WR corps couldn't keep pace with their counterparts from Prestige Worldwide and were outscored 57.30 - 23.80.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson did not meet his 9.68 projected points and has now underperformed versus projections for four straight weeks. He also scored a season-low 1.80 points.

What If

  • Prestige Worldwide would be 2-3 if they played BulletProof Bacon every week.
  • Prestige Worldwide would have beaten every other team in the league this week.
  • Prestige Worldwide would be 2-2 if they played the same schedule as BulletProof Bacon.
  • If Prestige Worldwide had played every team in the league each week, they would be 27-18.
  • BulletProof Bacon would have lost to three other teams besides Prestige Worldwide this week.
  • And they say procrastination doesn't pay off! Had they played each other last week, Prestige Worldwide would have lost to BulletProof Bacon 158.22 - 151.76.
  • If they played the same schedule as Prestige Worldwide, BulletProof Bacon would be 2-2.
  • BulletProof Bacon would be 32-13 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • In the loss, Andrew Luck ranked fourth in the league in scoring with 42.18 points against a projected 35.16 and has now overachieved in every game this season.
  • The 163.44 points scored by Prestige Worldwide was the highest in the league this week and the third-highest in the league this season.
  • Hey, I'm sure Prestige Worldwide appreciates the tough competition. In the loss, BulletProof Bacon had the fourth-highest losing score in the league this season with 140.18 points.
  • With a combined 27.60 points from their RBs, Prestige Worldwide got their highest combined scoring output from the RB position this season.
  • Prestige Worldwide had their largest margin of victory so far this year at 23.26 points.
  • BulletProof Bacon saw their four-game win streak come to an end.
  • Not going to name names, but some people here aren't pulling their weight. Forget it, Marques Colston needs to step it up! He scored 7.80 points against a projected 10.41 in the win, and has now scored below his projection in four straight games.
  • With the loss, BulletProof Bacon falls to 1-1 in comeback games this season.
Prestige Worldwide
BulletProof Bacon
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