Funginas Wins Stunner over Killer TightEnd, Climbs to 10th Place

Week 12

  • Funginas
  • 4-8
  • Weekly Grade: C-
  • 84
  • Killer TightEnd
  • 7-5
  • Weekly Grade: D+
  • 78

Well, it wasn't pretty, but at the end of the day all that matters is wins and losses. Despite finishing with just the 10th-highest point total this week, Funginas (4-8, 1,018 points) managed to defeat Killer TightEnd 84 to 78. This was a difficult one for Killer TightEnd (7-5, 1,120 points) to take as, in addition to losing, they also ended up 11th in the league in points. Andy Dalton led Funginas in scoring this week with 28 points.

Top Players

    • Andy Dalton
    • 28
    • Graham Gano
    • 19
    • Spencer Ware
    • 17
    • Thomas Rawls
    • 14

Smooth Moves by Funginas

  • Special teams just got a bit more special this week, thanks to Graham Gano. His 19 points was the highest total among kickers for the week and the fifth-highest K score in the league this season.
  • Eric Decker overachieved by 26.3%, scoring 12 points against a projected 9.50.
  • Funginas won despite having only 4 of their 9 starters exceed their scoring projection.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • If only we provided some kind of tool, like weekly articles, that would help Killer TightEnd secure a victory. Oh, WAIT, we do.
  • Did not start Jarvis Landry, who led the team in scoring with 22 points and beat his projected point total by 127.5%, the highest percentage on the team.
  • 7 of the 9 starters scored less than their projected points.
  • A heated blanket would be a great gift for Mark Ingram during this cold streak. He scored below his projection in four straight games after scoring 9 points against a projected 13.30 this week.
  • At the QB position, Killer TightEnd got outscored 28 - 2 by Funginas.

What If

  • If Funginas played Killer TightEnd every week, they'd be 5-6-1 this year.
  • Funginas would have beaten only one other team besides Killer TightEnd this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Funginas would have defeated Killer TightEnd 94 - 72.
  • If they played the same schedule as Killer TightEnd, Funginas would be 5-5.
  • If Funginas had played every team in the league each week, they would be 50-80-2.
  • Besides Funginas, Killer TightEnd would have been defeated by nine other teams this week.
  • If they played the same schedule as Funginas, Killer TightEnd would be 3-7.
  • Killer TightEnd would be 62-69-1 if they played every team every week.

Game Notes

  • Funginas had their lowest winning score of the season with 84 points.
  • Killer TightEnd scored 78 points against a projected 109.08 and underachieved for the sixth time this season, including the last three weeks in a row.
  • The New England Patriots Defense scored a season-low 3 points and underachieved for the third straight week.
  • Killer TightEnd could not extend their three-game win streak.
  • Funginas had two starters score more points than the highest-scoring starter for Killer TightEnd.
  • Although Funginas won, it was no thanks to Darren McFadden, who scored 7 points and has now scored below his projection in five straight weeks.
  • Jason Witten did little to help Funginas, underperforming versus projections for the fifth straight game with 3 points against a projected 8.24.
  • Killer TightEnd falls to 1-1 in upset games this season.
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