Netflix and Stal Draft Report Card


Led by a Terrific Group of RBs, Stalfred Blue Can Compete With Anyone

Draft Summary

Stalfred Blue figures to be in the mix for a playoff spot all season, taking the second overall draft slot and turning it into a solid team that's expected to go 8-5-0 (1,516 points). With that record, they will likely finish fourth in Tom Donovan's Son League. They went after guys who can tote the rock with their early picks, using three of their first five picks to scoop up RBs Eddie Lacy (first round), LeSean McCoy (third round), and Jonathan Stewart (fifth round). If these players can play up to expectations, Stalfred Blue can have some success. They are the most prolific group of RBs in the league.

Looks like somebody did their homework. With a draft like that, you could nominate yourself for the Toyota Hall Of Fame with your eyes closed. Go on, we dare you.


Stalfred Blue should use Week 8 to consider life's great mysteries, like why abbreviation is such a long word. It would be better than checking fantasy football that week. They have five players and the most projected fantasy points on bye that week. Looking at the entire season, they have one of the easiest schedules. Stalfred Blue could run into an early buzz saw, as the first four games of their season are projected to be more difficult than the league average.

Draft Notes

  • On Autopilot

    Picking starting RBs should be an effortless exercise most weeks for Stalfred Blue, as there's a healthy projected point difference between their third-ranked (Jonathan Stewart) and fourth-ranked (Darren McFadden) RBs.

  • A Triumvirate of Talent

    Stalfred Blue has three above-average positions on their roster (TE, RB, and QB).

  • AARP Card's in the Mail

    With an average of 8.1 years of NFL experience, Stalfred Blue is the team most likely to have a player qualify for a senior citizen discount.

  • My One and Only

    Ignoring roster depth, Stalfred Blue chose only one player at three different positions (TE, DEF, and K).

  • Arm Cannon

    Philip Rivers is one of the most dynamic NFL QBs. Projections have him ranking fifth in plays over 40 yards with 11.1 and TDs over 40 yards with 4.3.

  • Earning His Keep

    Philip Rivers is projected to finish seventh in the NFL in passing TDs with 29.2 and fifth in passing yards with 4,507.

Player Analysis

    • Eddie Lacy, RB
    • Round 1, Pick 2
    Eddie Lacy Doesn't Read the Playbook

    The playbook reads him. Stalfred Blue should be in decent shape if Lacy gets his 329 projected touches this year.

    • LeSean McCoy, RB
    • Round 3, Pick 26
    Haters Gonna Hate

    The rest of Tom Donovan's Son League overlooked a gem, and Stalfred Blue made the swaggiest pick of the round by grabbing LeSean McCoy.

    • Drew Brees, QB
    • Round 4, Pick 47
    The Heist Is On

    The other league managers passed over a diamond in the rough. According to ADP, Stalfred Blue got a steal in snatching Drew Brees in the fourth round (47th overall pick vs. ADP of 35.7).

    • J. Stewart, RB
    • Round 5, Pick 50
    A Bit of a Reach

    Stalfred Blue went out on a limb with their fifth-round pick. Across all Yahoo! leagues, Jonathan Stewart has an ADP of 78.2, but he was grabbed at pick No. 50. Patience is a virtue, Stalfred Blue.

    • Allen Robinson, WR
    • Round 6, Pick 71
    Was Allen Robinson Worth it at Pick No. 71?

    Stalfred Blue sure hopes so. The Jaguars' WR is projected to put up 130 points this year, after only netting 69 last season.

Best Available

While Stalfred Blue is projected to have three subpar positions, DEF is clearly their worst unit and should be upgraded first.

    • San Francisco Defense
    • Rank 215, ADP 140
    • Indianapolis Defense
    • Rank 222, ADP 143
    • Detroit Defense
    • Rank 233, ADP 137
    • Cleveland Defense
    • Rank 235, ADP 138
  • Bye Week Points Lost

    Each bar represents the total projected season points for each player that's on bye that week. This chart shows any potential bye week issues.

  • Pick Number Minus ADP
    Pick Number

    Bars above zero indicate a pick was selected later than a player's ADP. Bars below zero show players that were taken earlier than their ADP.

  • Avg Points by Position vs League
        Team     League

    The average projected points for all the players at each position versus the average projected points for all players at that position in the league.

  • Schedule by Opponent Points

    Week-by-week schedule with each opponent's projected season points. This chart shows any difficult or easy stretches in the schedule.

How We Grade

Draft grades are based strictly on teams' draft performances. This is calculated by counting the number of fantasy points teams are projected to score over the course of the season using their optimal line-ups. The grades do not take schedule into account. Because of bye weeks and other variables it is possible to earn a high grade yet be projected to finish in the middle of the pack. The opposite is also true. Bottom line: Fantasy Football is like the real game. You can draft the greatest talent in the world but you still need to manage your team every week to get the most out of that talent. As a wise man once said, "On any given Sunday..."

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Netflix and Stal
1. (2) Eddie Lacy (GB - RB)
2. (23) Brandin Cooks (NO - WR)
3. (26) LeSean McCoy (Buf - RB)
4. (47) Drew Brees (NO - QB)
5. (50) Jonathan Stewart (Car - RB)
6. (71) Allen Robinson (Jax - WR)
7. (74) Jason Witten (Dal - TE)
8. (95) Pierre Garcon (Was - WR)
9. (98) Philip Rivers (SD - QB)
10. (119) Stevie Johnson (SD - WR)
11. (122) Darren McFadden (Dal - RB)
12. (143) Percy Harvin (Buf - WR)
13. (146) Darren Sproles (Phi - RB)
14. (167) Matt Prater (Det - K)
15. (170) Miami (Mia - DEF)
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