The League of Shadows IV-NFC (ID# 60048)

The League of Shadows IV-NFC

League Matchups

Week 1

Week 1 - Pre-Game


2014 Standings
Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves
(1) avatar dangerous1 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 10 1
(2) avatar Whitness Protection 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 9 1
(3) avatar Multiple Scoregasms 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 6 6
(4) avatar Idleman's Wolf Pack 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 5 4
(6) avatar The Empire 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 2 -
(7) avatar Bivo 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 7 1
(9) avatar BossHog 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 8 1
(10) avatar The Smurf Awakens 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 3 1
(-) avatar Chevi DL's 335 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 1 1
(-) avatar STR8 CASH HOMIE!! 0-0-0 0.00 0.00 - 4 -

Recent Transactions

Larry Donnell NYG - TE
Free Agent
Breshad Perriman Bal - WR O
To Waivers
Multiple Scoregasms Sep 1, 12:58 pm avatar
Cleveland Cle - DEF
Free Agent
Pittsburgh Pit - DEF
To Waivers
The Smurf Awakens Aug 29, 11:41 am avatar
Cody Latimer Den - WR
Free Agent
Isaiah Crowell Cle - RB
To Waivers
Idleman's Wolf Pack Aug 28, 6:30 pm avatar
Duke Johnson Jr. Cle - RB O
Free Agent
Reggie Wayne NE - WR
To Waivers
Multiple Scoregasms Aug 28, 5:57 am avatar
Ty Montgomery GB - WR
Free Agent
Connor Barth TB - K
To Waivers
Idleman's Wolf Pack Aug 26, 6:32 am avatar
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Commish Updates

  • Here is the list of NFL teams associated with each team in the league. Remember you must keep a player on your roster from your specific NFL team drawn the entire season. If you drop this player, you must pick up another player from that NFL team or you will be penalized with a benching of your flex spot for that week and each week there after until a player from that NFL team is back on your roster.


    1. St. Louis Rams- The Smurf Awakens
    2. Atlanta Falcons- BossHog
    3. New York Giants- Multiple Scoregasms
    4. New Orleans Saints- dangerous1
    5. Carolina Panthers- Bivo
    6. Detroit Lions-STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE!!
    7. Arizona Cardinals- Idleman's Wolfpack
    8. Dallas Cowboys- The Empire
    9. Green Bay Packers-Chevi DL's 335
    10. Seattle Seahawks- Whitness Protection
    Aug 19 8:34am
  • For those of you only in 1 league. I made each league publicly viewable so you guys can see what is going on in the other league you are not in. Here are the links for each league let me know if it does not work.

    LOS IV


    Aug 11 11:06am
  • For those yet to play in The League of Shadows and aren't familiar with the scoring system. I en-courage you to look at the scoring and settings section of the league under the League Tab. I will give a brief overview, but it is essentially the same as last year. So Ill break it down by position. And yes there are fractional points. For example if a running back gets a point for every ten yards, then every single yard would count as .1 of a point so 38 yards would equal 3.8 points. QBs and kick returners are 20 yards per point (.05/yard).

    QB- 20 yards=1 point (.05/yard), .5 for every completion, -.5 for every incompletion, 4 points for a TD thrown. -2 for an interception, -4 for a pick six (so a pick six is actually -6 points, -2 for the INT, and -4 for the defense taking it to the house.), also -2 for a fumble lost. The get a 1 point bonus for 40+ yard completions, and 2 bonus points for 40+ yard TDs thrown (so 3 bonus points total for a 40+ TD thrown). Also QBs will receive 1 bonus point at 300 yards passing, 2 bonus points at 400 yards passing, and 3 bonus points at 500+ yards passing.

    WR/TE- 10 yards=1 point (.1/yard), .5 for every reception, 6 points for a TD reception, -2 for a fumble lost. They get a 1 point bonus for 40+ yard receptions, and 2 bonus points for a 40+ yard TD reception (so 3 bonus points total for a 40+ TD catch). Also WRs will receive 1 bonus at 100 yards receiving, 2 bonus points at 200 yards receiving, and 3 bonus points at 300+ yards re-ceiving.

    RB-10 yards=1 point (.1/yard rushing or receiving), .5 for every reception, 6 points for a TD rush/reception , -2 for a fumble lost. They get a 1 point bonus for 40+ yard rush/receptions, and 2 bonus points for 40+ yard TD rushes/receptions (so 3 bonus points total for a 40+ TD run/catch). Also RBs will receive 1 bonus at 100 yards rushing/receiving, 2 bonus points at 200 yards rushing/receiving, and 3 bonus points at 300+ yards rushing/receiving.

    K- Kicker scoring is slightly different in this league. They receive 3 points for any field goal made 0-39 yards, 4 points for 40-49, and 5 points for 50+. However they will receive negative points for missing a kick. -1 for 50+ yard FG missed, -2 for 40-49 yard FG missed, and -3 for any field goal missed 39 yards or less. They will also receive +1 for an extra point made, and -1 for and XP missed. I kinda wanted to do -5 for an extra point missed because it’s so rare but decided I would talk to people and wait until next year.

    DEF- Finally onto the defense and the only change I made to scoring this year. As many of you know that played last year, defenses in LOS probably scored more than any other league you had ever played in. We had defenses getting almost 50 points some weeks. While I loved that about our league because it puts a bigger emphasis on defenses in fantasy. Also I feel it allows people to enjoy watching the defensive side of the ball more in an NFL game (which is my favor-ite part of a game). Apart from the -2 (10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 0, -2) for every scoring bracket reached, your defensive will also receive -1 for every 100 yards gained on them. -1 for 100-199 yards, -2 for 200-299, -3 for 300-399, -4 for 400-499, and -6 for 500+ yards given up. I think this will bring defensive scores down to a more logical total probably between 15-30 points. Defenses also get return yards (20 yards/point), 2 points for a fumble recovery/interception, 6 points for a defen-sive/return TD, 1 point per sack, 1 point for every tackle for loss, 2 points for a blocked kick, 2 points for a 4th down stop, 1 point for a 3 and out, and 2 points for a safety.
    Jul 9 10:34am
  • Normally for draft order we just draw 1-10 from a hat. This year will be doing the same thing but we will be drawing from 1-16, and next to each number will be a name from of an actual NFL Team from that specific conference NFC or AFC depending on which draft we are doing at the time. The worse the actual NFL team did last year, the higher the pick will be, just like the actual NFL draft. Obviously I know there are 16 NFL teams in each conference and only 10 teams in each of our leagues so 6 teams will be left in the hat and not be used for each draft. Here are the list of the standings from last year in each conference. Remember the higher the pick the worse the team finished:

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    2. Washington Redskins
    3. Chicago Bears
    4. St. Louis Rams
    5. Atlanta Falcons
    6. New York Giants
    7. Minnesota Vikings
    8. New Orleans Saints
    9. Carolina Panthers
    10. San Francisco 49ers
    11. Philadelphia Eagles
    12. Detroit Liond
    13. Arizona Cardinals
    14. Dallas Cowboys
    15. Green Bay Packers
    16. Seattle Seahawks

    1. Tennessee Titans
    2. Oakland Raiders
    3. Jacksonville Jaguars
    4. New York Jets
    5. Cleveland Browns
    6. Miami Dolphins
    7. Buffalo Bills
    8. San Diego Chargers
    9. Houston Texans
    10. Kansas City Chiefs
    11. Cincinnati Bengals
    12. Pittsburgh Steelers
    13. Baltimore Ravens
    14. Denver Broncos
    15. Indianapolis Colts
    16. New England Patriots

    Ok, so the significance of the NFL team next to your draft number is that at any point in the draft you must use 1 of your 18 picks to select a member of that specific team you drew. For exam-ple is you draw the Dallas Cowboys in our NFC draft, at some point in the draft you must select a member from the Dallas Cowboys. It does not have to be your first pick, just any of your 18 picks. So you can use a high pick and get like Dez Bryant or you can wait until the end, and just draft Dan Bailey the kicker or the cowboys’ defense. Hope this is all making sense. You must keep at least one player from that specific team on your roster the entire year. If that player gets hurt or you just want to get rid of them. You must exchange them for another member of that specific team to ensure you have a member of that specific team on your roster. So let's say Dez Bryant gets hurt and he's the only member of the Dallas Cowboys I have on my roster. I would have to drop Dez Bryant and pick up like Cole Beasley or someone else from the cow-boys. If at any time you do not have a member from your specifically drawn NFL team, you will be penalized with a benching of your flex spot. Basically you will be forced to leave it blank for that specific week that you did not have a member of that NFL team on you roster, and every week from there on out until you pick up someone for that team. Let me know if there are any questions regarding the draft and how this will work. Obviously the worst team may not be drawn so you would just go to the lowest number to start the draft order. For example say in the NFC draft the Washington Redskins or the Atlanta Falcons were not drawn from the hat. Then whoever drew the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would get the #1 pick. Once again hope it all makes sense. Commish Out!
    Jul 9 10:33am
  • Ok so on to league specifics. The buy in for each team in each league is $120, as you all should know you do have the option of buying into both leagues for $240 as many of you already have. Remember we have 2 spots open. 1 in each league so we need to find 2 people or 1 that wants to pay the $240 and play in both.

    The breakdown structure of your $120 buy in fee is as follows:

    $30 will go to the league pool. Where the winner of each league (NFC/AFC) will receive $200, with the runner up receiving $100. (This matchup will occur Week 16 to determine league winner and runner up)

    $20 will go to the Week 17 Super Bowl matchup. Where the winner of the Super Bowl will receive $300, and the runner up $100.

    $65 will go to your weekly matchup wager. This is where you wager $5 each week against your opponent, with the winner of the weekly matchup receiving $10 every time he/she wins in the 13 week regular season.

    $5 will be your league fee. Which I basically will put to ordering the draft boards and any other supplies necessary for the draft/league.

    If you guys want to maybe throw in an extra $5, I would like to make 2 plaques for the NFC/AFC winner. We already have a league champion trophy, that last year’s champion, Danny, is keeping safe in his home currently (bastard!) It will be on full display at the draft. But I would like to make some plaques, with a bunch of name plates to commemorate each year’s NFC/AFC winner (if we plan on having 20 teams/2 leagues each year), just as we do the league champion. I can proba-bly have them made for around $20-$30 bucks each. But just let me know if that’s something you guys want to do. It would just be nice to have something to represent winning the league even if you don't win the super bowl week 17 because winning a 10 team league is an accomplishment in itself. You may as well have something to hang on your wall for a year to represent that accom-plishment. As with the trophy, if we decide to do plaques. I will award them at the end of the year with the money payouts, and you will keep them in your possession until draft day the following year, at which time you will have to relinquish them to me during the season. Sorry Danny, you must give up that trophy in about 38 days. Lol. I will get the engraving done with your name be-fore it is presented to you, and take the fee out of your winnings (it’s about $7 to engrave a name plate). Anyway just let me know if that’s something everyone would be for. Just so you know. No extra money on top of the $120 will be required this year. But if you all want plaques just look at it as a one year tiny investment, which we will never have to pay again. That is all for now. More details to come soon. Commish out!
    Jul 9 10:33am
  • Hello again gentleman, it seems like this last year has taken forever, but it is finally time for football once again! This should be a great year of fantasy, there are not any changes this year to the league. However I will still be posting the scoring/settings, and format of the league and the draft for our new members. We have our 20 teams locked in. I appreciate everyone signing up early. The draft is set for Sunday, August 16th. As mentioned before. I wanted to explain everything in detail so everyone knows what to expect coming into the draft. If you have any questions or I don't explain something clearly enough, as always feel free to post on here or call or text me, (405) 550-1244, and hopefully I can explain it better, but no promises. LOL. For those that may not still know me. My name is Whit Miller and I have been running this league for 4 years (with the help of Co-Commissioner Mr. Jerrod Idleman),and other leagues previous to this one. However, I feel the League of Shadows is getting better each and every year and hopefully we can make it into best fantasy league on the planet, and something people will not only brag to their friends about, but almost make it like an elite club that everyone wants to be a part of every year. So I guess the draft is where I will start.

    Our gracious, and slightly humble, 2 time champion, Mr. Jerrod Idleman has invited everyone back to do both of the drafts at his house again. Jerrod has a really nice set up, and I think it will be perfect for our back to back, 2 draft extravaganza. Jerrod told me he would have some snacks and drinks, but I greatly encourage everyone to bring food to grill/cook, and their own beverages and let's do this draft right! Jerrod has also informed me he will be taking Monday off to recover from the 2 draft blowout, and that we are more than welcome to stay and hangout af-ter (mostly so I can talk trash on how poorly you all drafted, and how I'm going to dominate this year. lol). Anyway, the draft times are tentatively set for the AFC draft @ 12:00 P.M., and the NFC immediately following @ 3:00 P.M. We can take a break in between drafts or whatever eve-ryone wants to do. That's another reason I like the idea of drafting at a house. We can go more at our own pace, and not have to worry about anything else. But those are the set times I would like to try and start at for the people that are only in 1 league and don't want to be there all day. I can understand that too. I'm estimating about 3 hours per draft. As always I will have the draft boards and stickers, and yahoo player ranking printouts. Feel free to bring whatever other draft/strategy materials you will need. Jerrod does have Wi-Fi, but I want to try and limit each pick to about 2 minutes, so please don't bring a laptop and surf around for information to the point everyone has to wait on you. You can bring whatever you want, but try and be ready to make your pick when your turn comes up. Once again I want to thank Jerrod for inviting us, and agreeing to host the draft at his house. I'm confident this will be the best draft yet, and I know we are all looking forward to the 16th of August. This is Jerrod's address: 6401 SE 160th Oklahoma City, OK 73072. The neighborhood is called Sterling Canyon. It's off sooner road about a mile east of the German restaurant. LOS IV should be epic, and hopefully something people will want to keep doing year in and year out, and something people will be fighting to try and get in, to be one of the lucky 20 to play each year. Remember draft times are at Noon (AFC) and 3:00 PM (NFC). Looking forward to seeing everyone there. More details on the draft specifics, and other league details to come soon so stay posted. For now...Commish Out!
    Jul 8 1:32pm

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