Shaunbuddies Squeaks Past Fancy Farm Blueworms

Week 1

  • Shaunbuddies
  • 1-0
  • Weekly Grade: B+
  • 125.04
  • Fancy Farm Blueworms
  • 0-1
  • Weekly Grade: B
  • 121.8

Shaunbuddies (1-0) edged Fancy Farm Blueworms (0-1) 125.04 to 121.80, led by Jason Witten with 26.00 points and Mark Ingram who had 20.20. Shaunbuddies took the early lead, up 53.70 to 39.70 after the first set of Sunday games. After the late Sunday games, they lost that lead and fell behind 107.00 to 89.64. However, Shaunbuddies delivered the last blow right to the jugular and came out of the Sunday night game ahead by 8.24.

Top Players

    • Tyler Eifert
    • 31.40
    • Jason Witten
    • 26.00
    • Chris Ivory
    • 23.00
    • Mark Ingram
    • 20.20

Smooth Moves by Shaunbuddies

  • With 26.00 points, Jason Witten had the fifth-highest score of any TE in the league this week.
  • The 20.20 points scored by Mark Ingram was the seventh-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
  • Shaunbuddies had most of their starters beat their scoring projection (5 out of 9).
  • Shaunbuddies won even with the Indianapolis Colts Defense in the starting lineup, which didn't score any points.
  • With 14.00 points versus a projected 7.21, Robbie Gould exceeded his scoring projection by 94.2%.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Some people are born losers, others develop it over time. Fortunately, there's a cure: Winning
  • Should've started Teddy Bridgewater, who underachieved, but still outscored the starting QB with 7.84 against a projected 17.72.
  • It was a beating at QB for Fancy Farm Blueworms, as they were outscored 15.74 - 3.90 by Shaunbuddies.
  • The laces were in for Fancy Farm Blueworms, who was outscored by Shaunbuddies at the K position, 14.00 - 5.00.
  • 5 of the starters on Fancy Farm Blueworms scored less than their projected points.

What If

  • Besides Fancy Farm Blueworms, Shaunbuddies would have defeated eight other teams this week.
  • If Shaunbuddies had scored 25.45 more points, they would have beaten all teams in the league this week.
  • Besides Shaunbuddies, Fancy Farm Blueworms would have been defeated by six other teams this week.
  • If Fancy Farm Blueworms had scored 45.57 fewer points, they would have lost to all teams in the league this week.

Game Notes

  • The margin of victory of 3.24 points was the smallest in the league this week.
  • With 55.00 points, Fancy Farm Blueworms got the highest combined scoring output from the RB position for any team this week.
  • In the loss, Tyler Eifert ranked ninth in the league in scoring and beat his scoring projection by 258.0%, which led the matchup.
  • Chris Ivory was a bright spot for Fancy Farm Blueworms in the loss with 23.00 points, the third-highest RB score in the league this week.
  • Even in the loss, the 19.40 points scored by Ameer Abdullah was the ninth-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
  • Shaunbuddies got the third-highest combined scoring output from the RB position for any team this week with 49.70 points.
  • The Seattle Seahawks Defense exceeded their projected point total by 34.2% in the loss, scoring 13.00 points against a projected 9.69.
  • Shaunbuddies might want to see a chiropractor, because they were carrying Odell Beckham Jr. on their back the whole week. He was on the winning team, but only scored 9.40 points against his projected 19.53.
Fancy Farm Blueworms
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