Uncle Pomp's Girl Draft Report Card


Despite a Formidable Set of WRs, Uncle Pomp's Girl Hasn't Quite Figured Out This Whole "Draft a Good Team" Thing

Draft Summary

You know what, Uncle Pomp's Girl, maybe you should just hold off on pursuing your dreams for a while. Maybe just ask them where they're going and hook up with 'em later, when you have a team capable of winning. Uncle Pomp's Girl is projected to finish 16th in Sayde's First Football Season League with a record of 1-12-0 (1,058 points). The plan by Uncle Pomp's Girl to load up on running backs was a good one, they just didn't choose the right ones. Their RBs are projected to average 63 points this season, fewer than the league average of 84. They built the top WR tandem in the league, as they have Demaryius Thomas and Randall Cobb on the team.

Yikes. At least it can't get any worse. In fact, if you nominate yourself for the Toyota Hall Of Fame, you'll be an official nominee. Feel better?

Worst Position

Uncle Pomp's Girl has a couple positions they may look to upgrade (RB and TE), but RB is the area they'll want to focus their attention first.


Uncle Pomp's Girl should just disappear for a while during Week 7. They have three players and the most projected fantasy points on bye that week. Looking at the season as a whole, they have one of the least challenging slates. Along with the third-easiest overall schedule, both the first four games and last four games of the season are about league-average difficulty for Uncle Pomp's Girl.

Draft Notes

  • Great Idea, Poor Execution

    Uncle Pomp's Girl will need assistance from the waiver wire in Week 7, as their three WRs with the most projected seasonal points (Demaryius Thomas, Randall Cobb, and Marvin Jones) will all be on bye that week.

  • QB Controversy?

    The coach of Uncle Pomp's Girl might need to flip a coin. Their top-drafted QB (Tom Brady) and second-drafted QB (Ryan Tannehill) have very similar seasonal point projections.

  • Highlight Reel

    With four better-than-average positions on Uncle Pomp's Girl, WR and QB are projected as especially strong units.

  • The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

    It appears that Uncle Pomp's Girl enjoys gambling, as they took chances on nine "high-risk" picks.

  • Aging Stars

    The top half of the roster (from a projected points perspective) is relatively old (ranked No. 1 in the league with an average of 7.4 years of NFL experience), whereas the bottom half is fairly young (ranked No. 14 with 3.6 years).

  • Putting Their Best Foot Forward

    Uncle Pomp's Girl knows this isn't European football, right? They elected to go with two kickers, instead of stockpiling depth at other positions.

Player Analysis

    • D. Thomas, WR
    • Round 1, Pick 14
    The Man at Mile-High

    Across all Yahoo! leagues last season, just three WRs (Brown, Sanders, Maclin) appeared more often on first-place rosters than Thomas.

    • Randall Cobb, WR
    • Round 2, Pick 19
    The Alchemist

    Uncle Pomp's Girl chose the WR most likely to turn deep balls into TD gold. Randall Cobb is projected to lead all NFL WRs in plays over 40 yards with 5.7 and TDs over 40 yards with 2.2.

    • Chris Ivory, RB
    • Round 3, Pick 46
    If it Ain't Broke

    Then do fix it? Laughing in the face of decades of fantasy tradition, Uncle Pomp's Girl didn't grab their first RB (Chris Ivory) until the third round.

    • Ryan Tannehill, QB
    • Round 5, Pick 78
    Grab Your Poncho

    Ryan Tannehill should make it rain on defenses this year, and is forecasted to finish eighth in the NFL with 4,361 passing yards.

    • Isaiah Crowell, RB
    • Round 6, Pick 83
    Was Isaiah Crowell the Best Choice at Pick No. 83?

    Uncle Pomp's Girl apparently thinks so. The Browns' RB is projected to get 81 points this year, just a bit better than last season.

  • Bye Week Points Lost

    Each bar represents the total projected season points for each player that's on bye that week. This chart shows any potential bye week issues.

  • Pick Number Minus ADP
    Pick Number

    Bars above zero indicate a pick was selected later than a player's ADP. Bars below zero show players that were taken earlier than their ADP.

  • Avg Points by Position vs League
        Team     League

    The average projected points for all the players at each position versus the average projected points for all players at that position in the league.

  • Schedule by Opponent Points

    Week-by-week schedule with each opponent's projected season points. This chart shows any difficult or easy stretches in the schedule.

How We Grade

Draft grades are based strictly on teams' draft performances. This is calculated by counting the number of fantasy points teams are projected to score over the course of the season using their optimal line-ups. The grades do not take schedule into account. Because of bye weeks and other variables it is possible to earn a high grade yet be projected to finish in the middle of the pack. The opposite is also true. Bottom line: Fantasy Football is like the real game. You can draft the greatest talent in the world but you still need to manage your team every week to get the most out of that talent. As a wise man once said, "On any given Sunday..."

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Uncle Pomp's Girl
1. (14) Demaryius Thomas (Den - WR)
2. (19) Randall Cobb (GB - WR)
3. (46) Chris Ivory (NYJ - RB)
4. (51) Tom Brady (NE - QB)
5. (78) Ryan Tannehill (Mia - QB)
6. (83) Isaiah Crowell (Cle - RB)
7. (110) Phillip Dorsett (Ind - WR)
8. (115) Vernon Davis (Den - TE)
9. (142) David Cobb (Ten - RB)
10. (147) New England (NE - DEF)
11. (174) Marvin Jones (Cin - WR)
12. (179) Terence Garvin (Pit - LB)
13. (206) Matt Bryant (Atl - K)
14. (211) Randy Bullock (NYJ - K)
15. (238) Robert Golden (Pit - S)
16. (243) Max Valles (Buf - LB,DE)
17. (270) Taiwan Jones (Oak - RB)
18. (275) Chris Johnson (Ari - RB)
19. (302) M.D. Jennings (TB - S)
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