Goofy' Fabulous Team Beats Couch Burners, Drops Them into Eighth Place

Week 9

  • Goofy' Fabulous Team
  • 2-7
  • Weekly Grade: B
  • 102.12
  • Couch Burners
  • 4-5
  • Weekly Grade: B-
  • 87.98

Goofy' Fabulous Team picked up 18.40 points from Todd Gurley and 17.20 from Mike Evans to beat Couch Burners 102.12 to 87.98. Goofy' Fabulous Team might as well be named "Butter" because they're on a roll. Scoring 9.1% more than projected, they've beaten expectations three weeks running. Cam Newton brought in the third-highest score this week with 34.58 points for Couch Burners. Goofy' Fabulous Team earned a sportsmanship trophy, starting Austin Seferian-Jenkins (0 points) to prevent the result from being even worse. Couch Burners (4-5, 871.26 points) drops to eighth place and Goofy' Fabulous Team (2-7, 827.76 points) remains mired in the cellar.

Top Players

    • Cam Newton
    • 34.58
    • Todd Gurley
    • 18.40
    • Chris Ivory
    • 18.30
    • Mike Evans
    • 17.20

Smooth Moves by Goofy' Fabulous Team

  • Made the right move in benching Ted Ginn Jr., who had 2.50 points, the lowest total of any starting WR on Goofy' Fabulous Team.
  • Goofy' Fabulous Team appears to be some sort of fantasy prophet in the making. Graham Gano, who was picked up by Goofy' Fabulous Team, scored 14.00 points against a projected 7.49, topping his projection by 86.9%.
  • With 18.40 points, Todd Gurley ranked 10th in scoring among all RBs in the league this week.
  • Those were the projections? We thought that was the starting point. 5 of the 9 starters on Goofy' Fabulous Team exceeded their projected points.
  • Starter Austin Seferian-Jenkins put up a zero, but Goofy' Fabulous Team still won.

Toyota Roster Tune-up

  • Now that Couch Burners got that embarrassing loss out of the way, let's work on our Toyota Hall of Fame potential.
  • With 1.10 points against a projected 7.55, Jordan Cameron was last on the team in scoring and has now scored below his projection in three straight games.
  • All that glitters is not gold. Picked up the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense, which scored 4.00 points against their projected 6.04.
  • With 5.40 points against a projected 7.35, Torrey Smith did not meet his projection for the third straight game.
  • A heated blanket would be a great gift for Charles Sims during this cold streak. He scored below his projection in three straight games after scoring 6.70 points against a projected 8.50 this week.

What If

  • If Goofy' Fabulous Team played Couch Burners every week, they'd be 3-6 this season.
  • Goofy' Fabulous Team would have beaten four other teams besides Couch Burners this week.
  • Had they played each other last week, Goofy' Fabulous Team would have defeated Couch Burners 138.50 - 91.52.
  • If they played the same schedule as Couch Burners, Goofy' Fabulous Team would be 2-6.
  • If Goofy' Fabulous Team had played every team in the league each week, they would be 27-72.
  • Couch Burners would have lost to eight other teams besides Goofy' Fabulous Team this week.
  • Couch Burners would be 2-6 if they played the same schedule as Goofy' Fabulous Team.
  • If they played every team every week, Couch Burners would be 35-64.

Game Notes

  • Goofy' Fabulous Team scored 102.12 points against a projected 93.56 and has overachieved for three straight weeks.
  • Goofy' Fabulous Team was able to cover the 13.81-point spread in the win.
  • Couch Burners got a combined 21.30 points from their WRs, their lowest combined scoring output from the WR position this season.
  • With a combined 37.60 points from their WRs, Goofy' Fabulous Team got their highest combined scoring output from the WR position this season.
  • Both teams topped their projections, but Couch Burners performed better versus expectations than Goofy' Fabulous Team and still lost.
  • Goofy' Fabulous Team is leveraging their draft well. This week they got 85.3% of their points from players they drafted.
  • Goofy' Fabulous Team is in last place in the standings, the seventh week that they have found themselves there this season.
  • Cam Newton scored 34.58 points, the fifth-highest QB score in the league this season, but it was not enough to get Couch Burners the win.
Goofy' Fabulous Team
Couch Burners
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