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  • Dr. K.'s Pigskin Dynasty A (ID# 335743)

    the HULK Knocks Off The Carrot Tops

    Week 2

    • the HULK
    • 1-1
    • Weekly Grade: B-
    • 137.26
    • The Carrot Tops
    • 1-1
    • Weekly Grade: D+
    • 105.78

    the HULK got 28.00 points from the Buffalo Bills Defense and 25.40 from Giovani Bernard to defeat The Carrot Tops 137.26 to 105.78. They came into the matchup as a 12.72-point underdog. the HULK delivered a great effort and scored 20.7% more than their projected 113.75 points, while The Carrot Tops failed to meet expectations and scored only 83.6% of a projected 126.47. Shrinkage was an issue for The Carrot Tops. They had a substantial drop in scoring from last week's 150.80 to 83.10 win against Firemen. The outcome could have been worse, the HULK had two starters score zero points. the HULK (1-1, 254.42 points) moves into eighth place and The Carrot Tops (1-1, 256.58 points) winds up in sixth place.

    Top Players

      • Philip Rivers
      • 30.66
      • Buffalo Bills Defense
      • 28.00
      • Giovani Bernard
      • 25.40
      • Drew Brees
      • 23.18

    Smooth Moves by the HULK

    • Started Alshon Jeffery, who had 0 projected points and ended up scoring 6.20.
    • The Buffalo Bills Defense felt like the Rodney Dangerfield of football, 'no respect at all' with this week's projected points. They scored the ninth-most points in the league and beat their projected point total by 156.9%, the ninth-highest percentage in the league.
    • Giovani Bernard put the team on his back with 25.40 points, the fourth-highest score among RBs in the league this week.
    • The 14.10 points scored by Marcedes Lewis was the fourth-highest point total among TEs in the league this week.
    • Even with two starters scoring zero points, the HULK was still able to win.

    Toyota Missed Opportunities

    • Yes, your team could have been better. But if you haven't gotten behind the wheel of the bold new Camry yet, that's your real missed opportunity.
    • The Dallas Cowboys Defense, which was left on the bench, exceeded their 7.99-point projection with 16.00 points.
    • Who needs offense when the defense is so dominant!? The Carrot Tops got outscored 28.00 - 1.00 by the HULK at the DEF position.
    • The Carrot Tops had 6 of their 10 starters score less than their projected points.
    • With 4.12 points, Robert Griffin III scored only 17.0% of his 24.24 projected point total.

    What If

    • the HULK would be 1-1 if they played The Carrot Tops every week.
    • Besides The Carrot Tops, the HULK would have defeated four other teams this week.
    • If the HULK had played every team in the league each week, they would be 6-12.
    • Besides the HULK, The Carrot Tops would have been defeated by six other teams this week.
    • And they say procrastination doesn't pay off! Had they played each other last week, the HULK would have lost to The Carrot Tops 150.80 - 117.16.
    • The Carrot Tops would be 8-10 if they played every team every week.

    Game Notes

    • The margin of victory was the second-largest in the league this week.
    • The Carrot Tops ranked eighth in the league in scoring this week.
    • In the loss, Philip Rivers ranked fifth in the league in scoring with 30.66 points.
    • The Carrot Tops could not pull out the win, but Mark Ingram did perform well with the eighth-best RB score in the league this week, scoring 17.90 points.
    • Michael Crabtree was on the losing team, but still had the 10th-highest score of any WR in the league this week with 17.70 points.
    • Zach Ertz exceeded his projected point total by 32.5% in the loss, scoring 10.60 points against a projected 8.00.
    • Keenan Allen failed to meet his projected point total, scoring only 8.00 points of his projected 11.64.
    • the HULK exceeded their scoring expectations while The Carrot Tops failed to meet their projection.
    the HULK
    The Carrot Tops
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    But in Week 2, he let the cat out of the bag with an explosive 284 total yard effort against the Texans that included a TD hat trick. In a season in which he garnered the nickname CJ2K for the 2,006 rushing yards that he finished the season with, Week 2 was his finest individual fantasy effort.
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